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  • Sculptural Felting and Wearable Art with Marjolein

    Check out the Vacation with an Artist (VAWAA) website HERE. Among the artists available for workshop vacations is Canada's own Marjolein Dallinga. Dive into a one-of-a-kind immersive experience in the world of wool with internationally renowned fibre artist and felt-maker, Marjolein. Learn to transform soft wool fibres into sculptural or wearable creations in her majestic studio setting surrounded by dense forests and lakes in Québec. Meet the Artist: Marjolein is a multidisciplinary artist known for her rhythmic alien looking wool forms. Her journey with felting stemmed from her wish to make toys for her kids. Soon she started making ornaments, accessories and clothing and then went on to create costumes for Cirque du Soleil for several years, experimenting with felting techniques. This stretched her art to new horizons, and she moved back towards visual arts, creating large felted sculptures and wall hangings. Marjolein’s work is very rhythmic and she creates different shapes and intriguing textures with wool. She finds the element of surprise and transformation very inspiring, and enjoys witnessing the metamorphosis of the soft wool fibres into solid three dimensional creations. Wool has a strong character of its own which triggers and pushes her towards new discoveries. She endlessly explores how to use colour with wool, and has extensively experimented with felting and developed her own sculpting techniques. Marjolein has shown her pieces in many international exhibitions, and made several art movies with her large-scale felted sculptures. Marjolein believes felting is a very inviting and forgiving art form. She looks forward to welcoming people into her unique, self-created world, sharing her space, and inviting others to connect with this wonderful and forgiving medium. Felting is easy to learn but endless in possibilities. Marjolein believes it is an invitation to inspire others to find an opening to their own unique creativity and experience the joy of making things with their hands. VAWAA Includes: Create three dimensional sculptures, or wearable art. Deepen the consciousness about experiences learned from sculpting with felt and other fibers. Focus on color, design and conceptions of an artwork. Explore techniques for sculptural form ideas through : folding and unfolding, building relief, clamping or binding, and more. Play with the processes of shortening, thickening, tightening and shrinking, and other transformations of felted surfaces. Wool dyeing processes (optional). Visit at local contemporary art museum in St-Jérôme. Walks through the forest. Possibilities for early morning meditation and yoga. Biking, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing on the property land, country skiing, alpine skiing (seasonal availability). Stay at Marjolein's Marjolein's studio is a free standing building, with a colourful and spacious workspace. The second floor offers a cosy loft that includes a bedroom with two beds and a private bathroom with a shower. Rebuilt on a former dairy farm property, the main house, studio and wood workshop were completely reconstructed. The studio is surrounded by meadows, a deep forest and small lakes on a 120 acres property. The environment is peaceful and very quiet, accessible all year. All meals, snacks and drinks are included with your stay. Find out more about a vacation with Marjolein HERE

  • Fibre artist puts a lid on all four seasons with hat exhibition.

    From fedoras, crowns, Stetsons, boaters, and yes, even hoodies, hats can express our personalities – nowhere more charmingly than in this Margaret Hall exhibit of 48 hats on display in the Kiwanis Gallery. Following the purchase of new hat wooden hat blocks ( in the fall of 2019), local fibre artist (and felt :: feutre canada member) Margaret Hall decided to complete a year’s project of making four felted hats a month. Each month she created a resist or pattern to felt over as a basis for every hat she made that month, with 48 stunning results! By March of 2020, as the pandemic surged, she found herself linking her theme to her garden, neighbourhood and Red Deer’s parks. Seasonal changes, with only a slight nod to the pandemic, became her motivation. The hats follow not only the seasons but the colour palette and creativity of an artist who delves far beyond a purely commonplace look at hats to the fanciful, quirky, whimsical and downright charming. Red Deer Arts Council is pleased to present How Does Your Garden Grow?- Mixed Media by Margaret Hall which runs from January 6 to February 27, 2022, in the Kiwanis Gallery in the Red Deer Public Library. First Friday Red Deer Opening: January 7, 2021 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Photo credits: Dean Ward Highview

  • New Year :: Looking Back and Moving Forward

    As the dust settles on 2021 and we remember all the things we achieved this year, the whole team at felt :: feutre canada are grateful for our wonderful, widespread band of feltmakers. The experience of moving this community forward through another year of in-person restrictions and on-line events has been at times a great challenge but has also been incredibly rewarding given the participation, positive feedback and the unsolicited words of thanks from our members. We now look forward to a fresh year. A year of further chats, challenges, learning experiences and sharing opportunities. A year where we hope to be able to create some regional in-person gatherings by summertime. A year where we involve more members in the creation and execution of small projects (one and done volunteers). You may be surprised how much fun team work in this community can be. But meanwhile, for the last few hours of 2021, sit back and browse through the past "NEWS" posts. Find some inspiration for your 2022 feltmaking plans. The posts go back to the beginning of the documented days of felt :: feutre canada. Thank you Sue for pulling them into place here from the old website. From the team: Myself, Sue, Gwen, Sandi, Donna and Tina.... Happy New Year! Your fibre friend... Chris a few highlights from 2021....

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  • Call for Entry :: Make Me Laugh | felt::feutre canada

    Make Me Laugh :: Online Exhibition Call for Entry Laughter is the best medicine. It strengthens our immune systems, boosts our mood, diminishes pain and helps protect us from the damaging effects of stress. Laughter helps to bring our minds and bodies into balance. It seems like if there was ever a time for a good laugh it’s now. So let’s make each other chuckle, giggle, grin, roar, shriek, snicker, whoop, titter, cackle and belly laugh. Use laughter for its greatest purpose, to trigger positive feelings in others and foster a sense of group unity. All forms of work can be submitted for this online exhibition, including wearable art, 3D sculptural work, 2D felt or installation. Keep in mind that smaller works often show better in an online format. There is complete freedom in technique, style, colour and form. Tap into your playful side. Draw from what you find funny. The ridiculous, absurd, joyful, silly, ironic, surprising, whimsical or amusing. Perhaps a great one liner or your favourite pun. All members of felt :: feutre canada are encouraged to submit. Laughter is contagious! Important Dates Online Submission Open: February, 2022 Entry forms will be posted on our Website before this date. Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2022 Online exhibition will be posted on the website: April, 2022 Conditions for Entry The Make Me Laugh exhibition is open to all current felt :: feutre canada members. If you are not a member already, it is easy to become a member by requesting a membership form here: . This is an inclusive exhibition - all work submitted will be included in the exhibition, however pieces may be rejected based on the quality of the images. If this is the case, you will be notified and given the opportunity to submit new, higher quality images. Please no images larger than 4MB. Members may submit up to three entries but only one will be selected for inclusion in the exhibition. Each entry must be submitted separately. Pieces submitted must be made by you and not the product of a workshop, or have been part of an exhibition already. If the piece submitted is the result of a collaboration then all artists' information must be included on the submission form. Pieces must be made no earlier than 2020. The closing date for submissions for this online exhibition is Feb 1, 2022. There will be no printed catalogue for this exhibition. Instead, the works will be presented in an online digital catalogue published on ISSUU, on the exhibition page of the felt :: feutre canada website and on our social media pages. Further information will be available at publication. Artist Statement: This text describes your artwork. Submit 4-5 sentences that inform the reader about your rationale and inspiration. What is the story behind the work, and how does your composition and material selection inform that story and speak to the theme of the exhibition? If you have any questions about this call for entry, or the exhibition, please contact us at: By submitting your entry for inclusion in this exhibit, you agree to permit the images and/or all or part of your statement of your entry to be used on the felt :: feutre canada website and social media pages. Artists maintain ownership of the copyright on their images.

  • Home | felt :: feutre canada

    a Canadian feltmakers community felt :: feutre canada mission statement felt :: feutre canada aims to unite, inform and inspire Canadian feltmakers to achieve higher artistic standards, build a national identity around feltmaking and raise the international profile of Canadian felt. feltfeutrepres Jan 6 2 min Sculptural Felting and Wearable Art with Marjolein 246 0 Post not marked as liked feltfeutrepres Dec 31, 2021 1 min Fibre artist puts a lid on all four seasons with hat exhibition. 142 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1

  • Neighbourhood Birds challenge | felt :: feutre canada

    neighbourhood :: birds member challenge Out of gallery

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