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  • Last in our Fall Workshop Series :: NUNO FELT 4+WAY VEST with Marjolaine Arsenault

    Marjolaine is a Canadian instructor and member of felt :: feutre canada who is making the jump to on-line teaching. She was awarded the Collector’s Award at the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show and the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Chicago Botanical Garden Craft Show. Her collection was presented in the Electric City Fashion Shows, Saratoga Springs, NY in 2016 and 2017. Her garments were published in Worldwide Colors of Felt and in Fiber Art Now Magazine. This amazing four way vest in her signature stained glass technique sold out quickly for Symposium 2018. This event hosted by felt :: feutre canada was her first on-line workshop. Marjolaine presented a three day class to create a unique vest that you can wear four different ways: inside out and upside down. During this workshop, students explored colours, texture, composition and design. They created a very lightweight vest that will be the inspiration for future garments. Various wool layouts were explained to create different effects. Students worked with silk hankies and silk roving to paint on wool. And as a bonus... students received instructions on how to create a unique pin to close the vest. Read more about Marjolaine on her website Here are photos from two of Marjolaine's students. Patricia N. on the left, Linda A. right. The results are in... Our Fall Workshop series was a huge success! Thanks to Sandi Luck and Sue Gardner for their endless hours of planning, coordinating and executing the events. Look for more workshops presented by felt :: feutre canada in the future.

  • Fifth of our Workshop Series :: ROSETTE with Flóra Carlile-Kovacs

    Flóra was scheduled to teach at our cancelled 2020 Symposium, so we were delighted that she could present this new on-line workshop for us last week. The equivalent of a one day workshop, Flóra recorded lessons allowed students to work at their own pace. They then joined Flóra and other class members the following day online in a private forum to discuss their project. This workshop created a felt piece that was stretched over a wood panel and shaped in 3D to create a relief wall art. Flóra showed different wool layouts that support different possibilities in the shaping, including how to wrap the felt around the edge of the wood panel. There was an emphasis on manipulating the strong felt and the finishing touches. You can read about Flóra on her website. Her words about felt making are so wonderful, I quote them here... Felt-making is painting and sculpture combined. The combinations of colors and the different qualities and applications of wool hold a vast number of possibilities. By combining layers of various wool and silk fibers and fabrics, an optical color blending can be created. The textures, forms, and effects which can be obtained through the introduction of 'foreign' materials (i.e.: other textiles, organic materials, wire and metallic thread, beads, stones, etc.) are virtually infinite. ​ Felting is the most ancient textile technique. Combining wool and silk fibers and fabrics with water and soap, vigorous kneading, and creating a durable, dense and strong unwoven material, has been around for millenia. Felt is a natural insulater - both for sound and temperature; fire- and UV resistent; hypo allergenic; and economically sustainable. Felt absorbs harmful particles from the air and is easy to clean. ​ I find endless inspiration in nature and in the natural state of my materials. Felt, as an expressive medium, is conducive to an instinctive and spontaneous creative process. ​ Felting is an underestimated and underrepresented craft in the art world. My mission is to show the possibilities of applying handmade felt in interior designs, to find the audience for this craft, and to break the boundary between craft and fine art. I've been teaching felt making on all levels since 2005 and leading Felt Tours to Hungary annually since 2016. I live and work in Seattle, WA. Flóra Carlile-Kovacs

  • Fourth of our Workshop Series :: EXPERIMENTAL SILK PAINTING with Ellen Bakker

    Ellen's classes at Symposium 2018 and with Fiona in Salt Spring early 2020 were very popular with our members and we were thrilled she created her first on-line class for us. Participants met with Ellen live from the Netherlands to discover the creativity in themselves and the surprising possibilities of experimental silk painting. This workshop was so popular that felt :: feutre canada made two sessions, both held last week. During this workshop we learned the effect of working with various transparent layers, making the paint flow, but also stopping the paint. We worked with brushes, templates, stamps and other tools. But above all, we learned to intuitively fill the white silk with colour and shape. The experience of a live zoom workshop allowed for a small class size and everyone showing their work at each stage. It was wonderful to live chat with Ellen and all the other participants. Here are a few of the painted silks produced by students. Visit Ellen's website:

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  • About | felt :: feutre canada

    About Us felt :: feutre canada felt :: feutre canada is a national not-for profit organization for Canadian feltmakers. felt :: feutre canada unites, informs and inspires Canadian feltmakers while building a national identity around feltmaking, through our website, events and exhibitions. We create educational and outreach opportunities through workshops and exhibitions to further interest in feltmaking and encourage high standards in feltmaking, both artistically and technically. We aim to increase the profile of Canadian feltmakers around the world. ​ felt : : feutre canada est une organisation nationale sans but lucratif pour les feutriers canadiens. felt : : feutre canada unit, informe et inspire les feutriers canadiens tout en construisant une identité nationale autour de la feutrerie, par le biais de notre site Web, de nos événements et de nos expositions. Nous créons des possibilités d'éducation et de sensibilisation par le biais d'ateliers et d'expositions afin d'accroître l'intérêt pour la feutrerie et d'encourager des normes élevées dans ce domaine, tant sur le plan artistique que technique. Nous visons à accroître le profil des feutriers canadiens dans le monde entier. ​ ​ ​ felt :: feutre canada was the brainchild of Fiona Duthie who in 2013 saw a need to connect Canadian feltmakers from coast to coast through a series of gatherings that grew into the amazing Symposiums for the last few years. It has now evolved into a fully supported online community with interactive learning and social events, and soon to be in-person regional events. Contact felt :: feutre canada Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting! photo credit: Fiona Duthie

  • Home | felt :: feutre canada

    a Canadian feltmakers community felt :: feutre canada mission statement felt :: feutre canada aims to unite, inform and inspire Canadian feltmakers to achieve higher artistic standards, build a national identity around feltmaking and raise the international profile of Canadian felt. feltfeutrepres 14 minutes ago 1 min Christianna Ferguson goes to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto :: November 25 - December 5, 2021 1 view Write a comment feltfeutrepres 4 days ago 1 min It's Official. Our new website is up and running! 213 views Write a comment

  • How to Join | felt :: feutre canada

    How to join felt :: feutre canada Membership runs for the calendar year, and ends in December, no matter when you join in the year. ​ Membership applications for 2022 will be open in December. watch here for more details ​ Join our community participate, engage and meet other makers Learn, share and elevate your felting through discussions, workshops and challenges

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