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Judith Dios :: Online Workshops

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Judith Dios will be a familiar name for many felt :: feutre canada members. In 2016, she was one of the designers featured in our fashion show at the Penticton, BC symposium. The Salt Spring Island resident teaches online workshops to students across the globe. She says, “As much as I love felting, I love even more, the people it brings into my life.”

Although Judith always felt the urge to create, she didn’t discover felting until her late 40s. Now-a-days she is known for her ultra feminine felt garments. Judith says, “In my felt garments, I seek to capture an ethereal, natural essence and wrap women in beauty, sensuality and mystery. My hope is to create pieces that, when worn, make each and every woman feel beautiful.”

To create these gorgeous works of art, Judith uses layers of wool and silk—she uses her hand spun silk yarn to achieve texture. She then paints colour onto her pieces by hand, as if making a watercolour painting. All her pieces are known for their textural elements. “Always, there are rivers of texture and colour running through my work. These rivers connect, grow apart, and then reconnect. To me, they represent the connectedness of beings, the force of life,” she says.

Currently Judith is running a series of ongoing felting workshop. Recently we talked to her about working online and her workshop.

What do you hope your students will gain from your workshops?

I hope they will fall in love and find joy in the process of creating texture and hand-painting their pieces! That they gain confidence, find their inner child, and have fun as they “play” with the techniques. Most of all, I hope they take the techniques and “run” with them and use them in ways I never dreamed of!

What are the challenges of teaching online and what are the positives?

The most obvious challenge is the lack of human contact. I try to counteract this by making myself available via email, phone or video chat should a student have any questions.

The most positive aspect is the fact that students don’t have to travel to take a workshop, therefore making the workshops more accessible.  Another bonus is that the videos are available online as a reference whenever a student needs to refer to them again.

Check out Judith’s Online Workshop

3-D Watercolour Nuno Scarf

Create a one-of-a-kind scarf featuring 3-D surface designs! Using lustrous fibres, fabrics and hand spun silk, you will create rosettes, blossoms, abstract ruffles, “corkscrew” fringe, silk “brocade,” and many other techniques to achieve dramatic and shimmering texture.

Next, using fabric dye, you will paint colour directly onto your scarf to enhance the inherent beauty of nuno felt with a spectacular watercolour effect. Be prepared to be amazed as the colours flow and combine to create new colours and subtle transitions.

Featured 3-D Techniques:

  1. Rosettes

  2. Blossoms

  3. Fabric collage

  4. Silk Spirals

  5. Rivers of silken shimmer using silk yarn

  6. Fluttering Leaves

  7. Abstract ruffles

  8. Corkscrew” fringe

  9. Silk brocade

  10. Ruffled silk “bark”

Dye Painting

  1. Dye formulation

  2. Colour mixing

  3. Painting techniques

  4. Heat setting of dyes

Additional Techniques

  1. Resists

  2. The much-loved “No Roll” dryer method

  3. Proper finishing techniques which result in durable and long-lasting felt ​

A wrap can be made by increasing the project length and width.

This course is ongoing and can be started immediately.

It is suitable for beginners with some previous nuno felting experience as well as intermediate-advanced level nuno felters who wish to learn 3-D textural and dye painting techniques.

3-D Watercolour Nuno Scarf Workshop link

Materials and Supplies List

Workshop Fee: $150 USD.

To learn more about this talented artist and teacher visit HERE

You can follow Judith on Facebook HERE

Thank you, Judith for sharing your thoughts with us.

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