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Jill Denton :: Workshops at Fibreworks Studio & Gallery (2018)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

FibreWorks Studio & Gallery 12887-12889 Sunshine Coast Highway Madeira Park, BC, Canada 604-883-2380 fibreworksgallery(at)

FibreWorks is located in a collection of yurts in beautiful Madeira Park in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. A private, commercial gallery it showcases national and international artists working in basketry, paper, textiles and wood.

The gallery has an artist-in-residence program and runs workshops throughout the year in: needle felting, wet felting, basketry, printing and more. It also hosts special events like: a Weaver’s Circle, a Spin in and Slow Sunday hand craft days.

FibreWorks was founded over a decade ago by Yvonne Stowell.  Throughout the years she hosted hundreds of amazing artists from Canada and further afield. Recently Yvonne retired in order to spend more time in her studio and travel with her husband. The new owner is Alexis Bach, who is committed to ensuring the yurts remain an integral part of the fibre arts community on the Sunshine Coast. A place where individuals can be inspired by and instructed in a wide range of fibre arts.

The group show: Four Winds is currently on exhibit at  Fibreworks from July 7th to August 12th. It features works by: Jill Denton, Kiki van der Heiden, Sheleigh McCulloch, Ursula Bentz, and Alexis Bach.  The collection is inspired by the exploration of the wind through the art of felt.

In September Fibreworks is hosting two workshops with the talented Jill Denton: Nuno Felted Bags  September 5 and Repurposing Silk Fabrics through Felt: Slow Felted Treasures/Felt Art Creations on September 6 & 7

Jill Denton is a fibre artist who is a feltmaker and rug hooker. She has working with felt for 20 years, and is still a fascinated by the process. Although she has a good understanding of feltmaking, its unpredictability is what she finds continually intriguing: the element of magic.

Rug hooking is also an important part of her textile practice. In her work she combines felting, stitching, hooking, and other mixed media and prefers to work with recycled, found or reused materials whenever she’s able. It gives her intense pleasure to create something beautiful from things that have been discarded or are no longer wanted. Wool is a sustainable product, thus satisfies her need and desire to create work that is environmentally sound.

To learn more about this lovely artist visit here

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