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Why Contests Matter :: Felt: Fiber Transformed 2019 exhibition (Fiber Art Now magazine)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Winning an important art competition is every artists ultimate dream. Yet competitions offer artists a great deal more than that. They offer  publicity, community, and inspiration. Most of all they give artists the chance to foster self-confidence and growth.

It takes practice and nerve to submit your work to competitions. Still it’s worth it. Artists can gain a a lot by preparing for a submission. It forces them to exam their work with an impartial eye and view their body of work in its entirety. This cultivates perspective.

It’s also a fabulous way to keep one’s portfolio current and to make sure you’re always ready with high quality photos of your work. You don’t want to be caught short when a wonderful opportunity comes along.

Sometimes entering a contest can help an artist mark their creative growth as well as challenge themselves to continue to improve.

Many artists keep their rejection letters. Being rejected helps to build confidence. Artists learn how to handle failing, move on and accept it as just part of process.

As artist, Brenda Behr says, “There is no such thing as a failed painting, there is only practice for a successful one… as long as there are artists who paint better than I do, I will remain a student. I expect to die a student.”

When an artist enters a competition they never know where it might lead. This can be frightening but also exhilarating. Think of it as a chance to build friendships and mentorships. You never know you might even receive unexpected acceptance letter. Hurrah.

The deadline for Fiber Art Now magazine’s: Felt: Fibre Transformed 2019 Exhibition is approaching. It’s May 17th. Don’t miss this fabulous chance to show off your work and make great connections.

Fibre Art Now magazine is a membership benefit of The Fiber Art Network which fosters support and opportunities for artists and professionals worldwide in the fields of fiber art, textiles, mixed media, and fine craft. They actively seek artists who are exploring innovative directions in their fields, and provide practical support for their growth and success.

Here’s the list of selected artists from last year’s exhibition:

  • Galina Blazejewski

  • Eva Camacho-Sanchez

  • Christianna Ferguson

  • Vera Fredericksen

  • Lisa Hinriches

  • Trish Hirschkorn

  • Vinitha John

  • Jorie Johnson

  • Lee Johnson

  • Shelley Jones

  • Kiyoshi Mino

  • Sue Smorthwaite

  • Teasy Shiruo Sun

  • Martien van Zuilen

  • Miriam Verbeek

  • Sarah Waters

Next year one of those names could be yours. To learn about competition deadlines and rules visit:

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