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Transitions :: online exhibition call for entry (2017)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Transition zones support the greatest activity and diversity – biologically, geographically, socially and politically. Regional boundaries separate nations, forming social distinctions and dividing political areas. In the edges where two ecosystems overlap, such as land/water, or forest/grassland, we find the greatest biodiversity. Urban neighbourhoods in transition are often most vibrant in that time between being discovered and becoming gentrified. In gender transitioning, life stages and in music, we find transitions, and they are vital and powerful and often challenging.

This exhibition invites you to explore the theme of Transitions from your own perspective, through feltmaking.

All forms of work can be submitted, including wearable art, 3D sculptural work, 2D wall or floor work, and Installations. Works need to include two unique areas, with a connecting transition zone.  The transition zone is open to your composition- it can be unbalanced, symmetric, asymmetric, and/or exist in a dimensional place, between surface and raised textures.  Every submitted work must include black somewhere in the piece – either as a transition, base colour or embellishment.  The use of black can range from a  small presence in a design detail, through to being used as the main colour.  Wool in natural, undyed black is fine. This one common colour inclusion will create unity in the exhibition as a whole.

Important Dates:

Submissions open: August 1, 2017

Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2017

Online Publication: November 1, 2017

The Transitions exhibition is open to all felt :: feutre canada members. This is an inclusive exhibition- all work submitted will be included in the exhibition, however, pieces may be rejected based on the quality of the images. If this is the case you will be notified, and given the opportunity to submit new, higher quality images.

Members may submit up to three entries, but only one will be selected for inclusion in the exhibition.

Information Required:  

The closing date for the online exhibition is October 1, 2017.

Works will be presented in an online digital catalogue, published on, as well as on an exhibition page on the felt :: feutre canada website, and on our social media pages.  You can view our first felt :: feutre canada exhibition, in this format here:

Please submit your work to and include the following:

Name (as you want it to appear) Province/Territory Your website (if you have one) Title Dimensions/Size Year work was completed (Must be 2015 and later.) Up to three images of the full work Up to three detail images of the work that best shows the texture

Note: Images need to be a minimum of 1500 pixels along its short side and 2100 pixels on the long side for best use in the catalogue.

Artist Statement: 4-5 sentences that inform the reader on why and how you created this work- what inspired you? What transition are you exploring in this piece? What is the story behind the work, and how do your composition and material selection inform that story?

Artist Bio: 4-5 sentences that inform the reader on you and your work generally and on your feltmaking experience. Can you describe your artistic signature- what makes your work special and individual? What inspires you to create?  How long have you been felting for? Do you have a form you felt you most like to make? Have you shown your work in any exhibitions?  Has your work been published anywhere?  Where do you create?

By submitting your entry for inclusion in this exhibit, you agree to permit the images and/or all or part of your statement of your entry to be used on the felt :: feutre canada website and social media pages.  Artists maintain ownership of the copyright on their images.

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