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The Instructors Series :: Rene Corder-Evans

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

(Note: Our August 2020 Symposium was cancelled due to COVID-19. Rene was to have been an instructor.)

Meet the Instructor: Rene Corder-Evans was born and educated New Zealand. In her early twenties, she followed her heart and migrated to Canada. In 1999, Rene received a Diploma of Fashion Design from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).

How it Started? Rene has always loved sewing, fine wools, and textiles, but it wasn’t until 1994, when she rediscovered weaving, a craft she’d learned from her mother, that she discovered felting. The first thing she taught herself to make was a bowl. Later she made a pair of boots. It wasn’t long until she was smitten with the new art form.

Her Career For many years, Rene divided her time between her three passions: creating one-of-a-kind wearable art, teaching weaving at a university level for the Fashion Design Program at UFV, and pursuing her career as a business administrator.

Her Thoughts on Art and Fashion: “Textiles, fashion—fashion, textiles, I do not think of one without the other. Textiles inspire me to create fashion; fashion inspires me to create textiles”

Awards and Exhibitions: Rene has won many international awards for her work including first place in the HGA Convergence Fashion Show, the Port Moody Wearable Arts award (twice), the coveted Creative Fibre Supreme Award for her piece, Not so Classical Erte in 2015, Bernina’s Best Hand Sewn Garment Award and the Creative Fibre Felt Award (three times).

Her garments have been exhibited in Canada, Korea, New Zealand and the US.

Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the US

Teaching: Rene has taught felt making at the Annual International Maiwa Textile Symposiums, at the HGA Convergence in Denver and for numerous textile guilds throughout North America and New Zealand.

She will be teaching two workshops at this year’s Symposium: Constructing a Felted Garment and Felt to Dye For.

What Rene’s doing Now:

In 2012, she and her husband moved back to New Zealand, though they still spend half their time in Canada. These days, she divides her time between pursuing her art and teaching workshops in felting and weaving.

To learn more about this artist visit:

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