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The Instructors Series :: Kiyoshi Mino

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

(Note: Our August 2020 Symposium was cancelled due to COVID-19. Kiyoshi was to have been an instructor.)

Meet the Instructor:

Kiyoshi Mino is a needle-felt artist who specializes in creating realistic sculptures of animals. His pieces take many months to complete and have earned him fans throughout the globe, including some admirers from the Japanese Royal family. Kiyoshi lives in Rock Island, Illinois. It wasn’t his intention to become an artist, or a farmer, originally Kiyoshi was a soldier. He did two stints in Afghanistan which changed his perspective.

How it Started

Kiyoshi discovered needle-felting by accident, when he and his wife were attending a year-long organic farmer training program before starting their own farm.

Why Felting?

From the start Kiyoshi immediately fell in love with it. As a child, he loved to draw, but he’d never tried any form of sculpture. He found it very exciting to be able to draw in three dimensions with nothing but a needle and a clump of wool. He expresses it this way: “I have always loved animals of all kinds and because wool is a type of animal fur itself, it is the perfect medium for realistically sculpting mammal fur and bird feathers.” Kiyoshi studied evolutionary biology before joining the forces.

The Work:

Kiyoshi focuses on wild animals, which he tries to render as faithfully as possible. He believes that animals have unique personalities and are emotional complex, just like humans. His goal when depicting wild animals is to try and convey this idea by capturing their unique personalities.

Exhibitions and Teaching

Kiyoshi has given needle-felting workshop for arts organizations like Curious Mondo, Atelier Fiberfusing, Wollknoll, and Fundacion. His work has been exhibited in Chamber, New York City: Human Nature, Iapm Mall, Shanghai, Mobillia Gallery, and the Fuller Craft Museum. His work has been featured in magazines such as The New York Times Magazines, Fast Company, Lana Wolle and Flizfun. To read these articles visit

To learn more about this extraordinary artist visit his WEBSITE

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