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The Instructors Series :: Diana Nagorna

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

(Note: Our August 2020 Symposium was cancelled due to COVID-19. Diana was to have been an instructor.)

Diana Nagorna is a graduate of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts.

How she started working with felt?

Throughout her creative career Diana has worked with wide variety of materials. She’s always looking for new solutions that will help her create. She discovered felting when she was hunting for something new.

She has now been felting for about eleven years. Her interest and passion for felting began with a felt sculpture. This technique was much different from what she does now. Back then she used a special needle which fused the fibres into felt. Still she loved the language of this, how she could make form and volume. Gradually after she’d been working and experimenting with felt for a while she began to learn more about its properties and the possibilities. She found this exciting.

What She Likes About the Form?

Felting is Diana’s favourite material. She likes how flexible the form is. She feels it allows her to realize her ideas to their fullest potential. “I like the warmth of the wool, the soft gloss of silk fibers,” she says. The tactile aspect of working with natural wool also appeals to her. She considers felting a magical process.

Her Thoughts on Art:

Diana says, “Clothing and accessories are just a form of creative thinking.” She believes the same laws of painting, drawing, and sculpture, such as colour, shape, contrast, proportions, integrity, and rhythm, apply to her art.

She enjoys all of the stages of creating a new product. “I really like to invent, create in the imagination and on paper sketches of the future dress, draw details. To choose colors of materials. In these moments I directly feel how something new, beautiful is born.”

Layout is a very contemplative, meditative process for Diana. She can find herself immersed for hours in this rhythmic work.

What Diana’s Doing Now:

These days Diana is working on small, capsule collections of clothes and accessories, paying a lot of attention to detail and processing, looking for a new ways to express her ideas in this versatile material.

She says “My extensive experience working with wool, silk and various natural fibers, allows me now to realize any of my ideas. This is my music, I can easily improvise with any materials, and to give a product I’m working on, any forms and shades, amplify the dynamics or on the contrary to make a lyrical story …”

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