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The Instructors Series :: Judit Tóth-Pócs

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

(Note: Our August 2020 Symposium was cancelled due to COVID-19. Judit was to have been an instructor.)

Fibre artist, Judit Tóth-Pócs, lives in Kecskemét, Hungary with her family. She began working with felt in 1992. Her passion led her to study in Denmark and Spain.

In addition to teaching felting internationally, she has worked as a stage and costume designer for theatrical and puppet productions.

Judit is a member of the Hungarian Creative Artists Society (MAOE), the Art Society of Kecskemét (KKK), the Workshop Artistic Society (Kecskemét) and the X-group. She is a graduate of the  College of Kecskemét.

The Beginning

Judit started by making articles for personal use, like bags, purses, carpets. As her skills grew she started to experiment with creating 3D pieces in felt. This is how she developed what she calls her felt-plastics. This form characterizes her work. What intrigues Judit about these forms is that they are made in one part and sewn only for decorative purposes.

What Judit Likes About the Form

She likes the freedom of felt—the shapes and colors. Colours can be used, mixed, and washed into each other, just like in water-colour painting. She enjoys the way the colours are layered and how they weave into each other creating new colours.

One of her favourite aspects of felting is creating order from chaos. She enjoys the feeling of the  tangled fibres becoming a whole. She likes incorporating different materials into the felt as if they belong together.

Her Films

Judit’s work is featured in two films: “Gentle Threads” and “Purple” which can be purchased on her website.

“Gentle Threads” is a film she made about the art of felt making with István Rittgasser. There’s an  English version. It costs €20 (About $30.00 CDN) plus postage fees.

“Purple” is an Hungarian art film which is described by István Rittgasser as a story about “A lady garbed in colorful veils, sumptuous hats, resplendent sorrows.” It was made by Roland Tóth-Pócs and Judit Tóth-Pócs. It’s eight minutes long. Copies are available for €15 (About $21.00 CDN) plus postage fees.

Judit’s book “On Gentle Threads” was published in 2003. The book is 15 x 15 cm. It features 85 pieces of Judit’s art and It’s written in Hungarian, English, and French.


Judit is one of the four artists featured on Flóra Carlile-Kovác’s Eastern Hungary Felt Tour in April. She’s a frequent guest lecturer at local and international symposiums, at schools, and textile associations. She holds Master classes for people who are advanced in felt working. She also teaches at her home.

She is teaching two workshops at felt :: feutre canada's August 2020 Symposium: Classic & Fantasy Hats and Glamorous Felted Jewelry with Sequins.

To learn more about Judit visit:

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