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Spotlight on Quebec :: Fabulous Fibre Suppliers

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Quebec has a wonderful array of fibre suppliers guaranteed to suit the needs of fibre lovers of all kinds.  Here are some of our favourites:

Artgus Studio is an online shop and a wonderful resource for fibre lovers. They are an importer and exporter of exotic fibres, textile products, fabric, yarns, tools and equipment from around the world.

La Grand Ourse  is a lovely shop holds workshops in needle-felting and doll making. It sells hand-crafted toys and a selection of corriedale carded wool and Peace Fleece, merino, alpaca and shetland wool tops. They are located at: 263, av. Duluth Est, Montréal, Québec, Phone 514 847-1207. You can shop online at:

Felt & Craft Felting Supplies is located in Montreal and has a fabulous online store. They sell a variety of fibre including: Carded Bergschaf Wool, Ramie Tops and tools such as the ball brause/water sprinkler.  Visit their website:

Divinity Fibres is an etsy shop dedicated to selling fine Merino Wool, Wool Roving, Felting and Spinning Supplies in delectable colours. You can be tempted by their products at:

Fibrez is a shop for lovers of natural fibre. They hold workshops in: spinning, dyeing, silk fusion, felting, and needle-felting.  They are located at: 1700 rang St-Paul, St-Léonard de Portneuf, Quebec.

La Julie Factrie offers a range of fine workshops in felting, spinning, carding, weaving, knitting. It’s located at: 3010 Rang Bas de la Rivière, Nicolet, Quebec. 

Mlle Vivi is an online store of natural fibers of the highest quality, traditional weaving tools and handmade products. They carry an array of merino, and English Leicester fibre as well as dyes. They are located in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmares, Quebec. Read more here:

Fibre Detours Boutique provides customers with the supplies & tools needed to explore the fibre arts. They carry a diverse range of fibres for felt makers including: fine baby camel top, Angora combed top and Eri Silk, also known as “Peace Silk” or “non-violent” silk. They are located at: 1515 rue St-Thomas, LeMoyne, Quebec. To learn more about them see:

Fiber Pusher Fairy: Hand dyed fibres of all kinds with a fabulous fibre club. They regularly post updates on their beautiful fibres for sale on their Facebook page:

Sutton Alpacas: has a on-site boutique where they offer a wide variety of beautiful products made from alpaca fiber. They sell skeins of undyed, natural fibre from their alpacas. They are located at: 1474 Chemin Macey, Sutton, Quebec. Learn more about them at:

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