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Spotlight on New Brunswick :: Felt Artist Tina Sharapova

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Today we spotlight New Brunswick artist, Tina Sharapova. Tina was born in Moscow and grew up in a family where everyone liked to create with their hands. As a child she experimented with a variety of different handcrafts. It was as a child she made her decision to become an artist.

She studied at the Moscow College of Arts and Crafts majoring in carpet and tapestry making. After college she worked as a designer for a carpet company and was instrumental in creating the workshop studio “Donegal” which collaborated with a carpet factory in Ireland, founded by Voycey, a friend and colleague of a famous British designer William Morris.

Before moving to Canada, Tina lived in China and where she was impressed by the culture and the diversity of Chinese art. While she was there she experimented with doll-making, paper clay, and patchwork, eventually discovering felt art. She loved the similarities with carpet making.

Tina says this about working with wool, “It is a wonderful material – you can hold it in your hands for a minute and you will feel that your hands become warmer. Its fibers are soft but strong and can hold any shape. Wool clothes and shoes are lightweight and durable.  They are the best to protect you from cold in winter.”  She has now been feltmaking for five years.

Tina currently resides in Fredericton where she came to study at the New Brunswick College of Crafts and Design.

She says this about her adopted province, “I like New Brunswick for its nature and indigenous culture. I walk in the parks and try to transfer the scenery to my works. I explore how make trees grow and rivers flow, using wool and creating small pieces of art. I love fish and I make them in various colours and forms. As I think that traditional culture is a very important part of the modern world, I began learning about local indigenous culture. My next project will be inspired by this study.”

Usually Tina buys her felting materials at the college store. This spring she hopes to explore local sheep farms for fleece and wool.

Currently she’s not planning any exhibitions but her art will be on sale at Beaverbrook Art Gallery gift shop from March to May, 2017. In preparation  she’s making more fish and small pictures that highlight the beauty of her surroundings. She is also making toys; she loves how toys made from natural fibres feel so soft and warm.

Tina’s work has been featured in  several exhibitions, including World of Threads Festival 2016. 

To learn more about the dynamic artist visit:

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