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Kristy Kún :: Artist Spotlight

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Portland Oregon based fibre artist, Kristy Kun began her artistic career transforming reclaimed and historic wood into hand crafted furniture. Though she didn’t design the pieces, she was in charge of the selection and the processing the wood, the joinery, construction and finishing. The skills she gathered from this are evident in her work today. Her love of the materials she used, particularly wood influenced her design aesthetic.

She says, “I am deeply moved by the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibers, which, when plied correctly, parallel environmental transformations; Birth, fruition, decay. Formations of water, earth and sky, emerge as if breathing and alive. My hands translate this energy and these textures from nature into new form using ancient methods and timeless imagery.”

Her work advances the sculptural capabilities of hand-made wool felt, drawing on woodworking to create complex joinery and sculptural forms in fibre. Hand-constructed frames and distinctive mountings meld her revelations into the fusion of structures she creates today.

Over the years, her work has been featured in galleries throughout the States. She has received recognition such as: 2017 “Golden Spot” Residency • PNCA (Leland Iron Works)- Funded by The Ford Family Foundation, and the Lydon Emerging Artist Program (LEAP)- Awarded by the Society of Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA where she was a finalist. Her work has been featured in magazines like American Craft,  Zone One Arts and Portland Creatives.

At felt :: feutre canada's Symposium 2018 Kristy will be presenting two workshops: Texture Techniques with Needled Wool and Sculptural Flowers and Refined Petals.

Texture Techniques with Needled Wool 

In this three-day workshop, rich felted wool textures will be achieved through constructing layouts of needled wool, and then wet –felting them into a densely felted textile. Students will create sample-sized works, learning techniques for ribs, vertical joints and petals. Each student’s unique design will emerge from the way materials are shaped, cut and formed.

Suitable for all levels

October 1, 2 & 3, 2018

Sculptural Flowers and Refined Petals 

In this two day workshop, Kristy will lead an exploration of sculptural flowers with refined petal forms and delicate tendrils. Students will test using layered materials for detail and added strength on delicate forms. One to two flowers will be completed in this workshop, depending on the individual student.

Suitable for all levels.

October 4 & 5, 2018

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