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Marjolaine Arsenault :: Artist Spotlight

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Fibre artist, Marjolaine Arsenault will be instructing two workshops at felt :: feutre canada's Symposium 2018: Nuno Felt Reversible Poncho and Nuno Felt 4+Way Vest.

Marjolaine, who grew-up right on the ocean in Gaspésie, now lives in North Creek, NY. Over the years, she has won many awards including: Collector’s Award at the Palm Beach Fine Craft Show in 2013 and the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Chicago Botanical Garden Craft Show in 2014. Her exhibit: Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion was displayed at the Kent State University Museum and a collection of her work was presented in the Electric City Fashion Shows in 2016 and 2017. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines including Worldwide Colours of Felt. Throughout the year, she travels to various juried fine craft shows to exhibit and sell her work and to teach. She is a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild.

Before becoming a fibre artist, Marjolaine studied Fine Art at Concordia University, Montreal. She has worked as both a graphic designer and a garden designer. Both profession have deeply influenced her fibre art.

As an artist, Marjolaine is excited by the creative process of making seamless nuno felt garments. She is influence by her love of gardening and the interpretations of natural elements: Composition, color harmony and texture are integral to every creation. She feels Nuno wet felting technique invites the imagination to paint using wool, silk and other fibers to create unique pieces of wearable art. 

For Marjolaine,  composition, colour harmony and texture are integral to every one-of-a-kind creation she creates. She seeks to drape the body with style and beauty in contemporary pieces of wearable art.

In our felt :: feutre canada interview we asked Marjolaine how she felt about teaching. She said this “I love teaching workshops. It is an opportunity to share with others the knowledge gained over the years as a designer and as a fibre artist. At this point in my life, I am called to do more teaching because I love to inspire others and help them find the source of their creativity. After many years of producing and participating at various fine craft shows, I hope to expand my teaching into new horizons.”

Nuno Felt Reversible Poncho

Join Marjolaine in a three-day class to create a unique reversible poncho. During this workshop, you will explore colours, texture, composition and design. You will learn Marjolaine’s unique technique of wool layout to create small windows of silk in the garment for a very lightweight result. As well you will learn how to integrate silk and bamboo roving into your felt to add contrast.

This workshop is suited for intermediate to advanced nuno felt makers.

October 1, 2, & 3, 2018

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