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Sources of Inspiration :: Artists' Visuals, Videos and Interviews

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Are you starting to feel restless? Looking for some inspiration during this time of isolation. We thought so. In order to help you through this crazy time we’ve put together a post we hope will get the creative juices flowing.

The World of Thread Festival hosted in Oakville, Ontario, Canada is a fabulous event. Organized and curated by Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate, Festival 2018 featured 303 artworks by 65 artists from Canada and USA. The 2018 event was a huge success. 60,000 visitors attended the show. Looking for some inspirational reading? You can’t beat The World of Thread’s Fibre Artist Interviews. The list of artists is truly impressive. You’ll even find artists like our own June Jacobs. One can easily spend an afternoon here learning about these talented artists.

If you like to listen to interviews, you’ll enjoy Voices on Cloth — Podcasts from Maiwa brought to you by The Maiwa Textile School located in Vancouver. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics that will be of interest to felt artists.

Those interested in natural dyeing will enjoy the series Field Notes in the Colour Garden— Micahel Garcia and Blueleaf Shibori by Jane Callender. If history interests you check out The Mummies of Ürümchi: Textiles in Time with Dr. Elizabeth Wayland Barber. Great lecture.

Feel like using your hands, felt :: feutre canada’s Fiona Duthie is offering a fabulous Free Tutorial: Vessel within a Vessel Fiona describes the project as “…a fun and unique project that covers several skills, and doesn’t take much space or materials to make!” If you are looking for an ongoing workshop Fiona has a wide variety of online classes you can learn about HERE.

If you find you enjoy video tutorials, Joni Cornell of Gentle Roller fame is a popular teacher with her own Youtube channel. Here you’ll find a wide range of classes. Everything from simple scarves to complicated circular wraps. Another felt artist.

DHG, Dyeing House Gallery also has a Youtube channel. felt :: feutre canada members will know DHG products well. The company has been a big supporter of our community over the years. This channel is filled with great information. Everything from needle-felting using vegan fibres to hand-carding and felt jewelry.

Former felt :: feutre canada tutor, Katia Mokeyeva offers some important advice at her website: Feuer and Wasser. Tutorials on layout, Creating Nuno with Silk Fabric and Plant Fiber, and Felting and Fulling on Bumpy Surface. Katia also has a several online ongoing workshops you can learn about HERE.

Last but certainly not least, Scottish fibre artist, Moy Mackay, who was a tutor at our last Symposium, gives us a glimpse of her colourful world in a gorgeous video. It’s a chance to visit the Scottish landscape and Moy’s gallery without leaving the comfort of your home. We hope you’ll find it uplifting.

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