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Simple :: Small :: Slow :: The Gaynor Homestead, Dorchester, ON

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The Gaynor Homestead gaynorhomestead 6386 Gore Road, Dorchester, Ontario

Phone: 226-270-7812 (Tara + Brendan)

The Gaynor Family Homestead specializes in small-scale permaculture projects in Middlesex County, about 15 minutes drive from London, Ontario. The homestead is a member of Fibreshed Ontario and the Ontario Sheep Farmers.

They make soap, keep bees and raise Rambouillet sheep, a large breed that is a descendent of the Merino. Some people might know this breed as the French Merino. They are rare in Ontario but are common in Western Canada.  They are always white making their wool ideal for dying.

The fleece of the Rambouillet is typically less than 25 microns and a staple length of 6-10cm. The wool is very soft and does not contain much lanolin. The Homestead sells their wool in braids of beautiful un-dyed combed top in 4oz runs among other custom combinations on request. They send their wool all over Canada but encourage clients to meet them at one of the many workshops and festivals they attend.

If you have ever dreamed of raising your own sheep you can learn all about it from Tara and Brendan. They will be giving a talk about the farming life on Wednesday April 11th 7:30-8;30pm at the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers. For information visit:

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