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Second workshop in our Series :: SCULPTURAL WOOL SUCCULENT with Chantal Cardinal

We are pleased to present another of our felt :: feutre canada community of feltmakers: Chantal Cardinal. Chantal takes students through a 2D - 3D project.

**NOTE** these workshops are sold out and closed. We like to promote our instructors, as well as showcase the value of a felt :: feutre canada membership (membership applications for 2022 will be open in December 2021)

SCULPTURAL WOOL SUCCULENT with Chantal Cardinal Friday October 29, 2021 Links to video demonstration will be released at 12:00am, to be viewed at the participants leisure, with downloadable .pdf documents. Video material is available for 6 months. The participants should plan on 2-6 hrs of self directed wool play and mounting. Feedback, comments and questions can be posted in a private social media group for support

We love that Chantal from FELT à la main with LOVE is another Canadian instructor joining us for this fun project. In this small project based workshop you will learn how to do a 2D flat layout piece of felt and assembling it into a 3D sculptural succulent. Previous wet felting experience is preferable, but not essential. The basic technique shown here can be interpreted into endless possibilities, but we will explore 3 different variation AND look at multiple presentation or mounting options. Whether you like to follow a recipe or you like to put in your own twist, this format can grow with each piece you make.

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