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Wile’s Woolies :: Symposium 2018 Vendor

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Wile’s Woolies 537 Jones Weagle Road Waterloo, NS B4V 8K2 902-682-7225

Recently we talked fibre with Jackie Wile of Wile’s Woolies . Wile’s Woolies will be joining our vendor’s market during Canadian Felt Symposium 2018 in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all their amazing local products. They sell washed fleeces, picked fleece, batts and carry a variety of fibre brands including: Blue Faced LeicesterWool, CotswoldWool, North Country Cheviot Wool, ShetlandWool and Suffolk.

What is your fibre passion?

My fibre passion would be in the actual preparation of the fibre itself. Taking the raw fleece and washing it, drying it, turning it into a pile of fluffy, soft cloud to go on to the next step of the process. Whether it is carding it into batts, or dyeing, for use in felting or spinning or whatever it is going to be used for.

Are you working on anything now?

I am constantly washing and dyeing fibre. I have been doing some felted pictures that I sell in a local craft store and also dyeing fibre to sell in a few local stores, that keeps my fairly busy.

What is it about fibre you love?

The versatility of the fibre. It has so many uses, there is virtually no waste in a fleece. Even the “nasty bits” that are taken off in the skirting process after shearing, can be used in the garden around your plants to keep the ground moist and the manure in the fleece adds a bit of fertilizer for the plants. I have done this myself and a month or so later I will be going by the plant and notice the fleece that usually looks quite clean, and think “why did I throw that away?” Mother nature has done some work and cleaned it up.

What do you like most about the fibre community?

The community’s willingness to share knowledge. Everyone I have met in the fibre community is willing to help you out, if you have a question, or wondering about how a certain technique works someone usually will help out or if they don’t know they help to find someone who does. The people who are in the fibre community are very interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and they bring different views on fibre that you may not have thought of whether in the preparation of the fibre, washing, dyeing etc. or producing something from the fibre.

What will you be selling at the Symposium?

I have a flock of sheep that consists of purebred Shetlands; Cotswolds; Bluefaced Leicesters; North Country Cheviots; and the following crosses Clun Forest/Bluefaced Leicester; Shetland/BFL/Cotwold; Shetland/Cotswold. I will be selling washed and dyed fibre. I will be bringing natural colored Shetland – Fawn, Black, Grey. White and dyed Cotswold and Bluefaced Leicester.

I entered some of my fleeces in the All Canadian Sheep Show and Sale held this past July in Truro, NS. Part of the show included a fleece show and sale. I received first place in the long wool class for a Bluefaced Leicester fleece and first in the cross bred class with a Shetland/BLF/Cotswold cross fleece; I also received Reserve Champion Over All with this fleece. (The photo of this sheep is the first one featured.)

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