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Next Art Talk :: Making Felt Yardage

Join felt :: feutre canada president Chris Liszak to see how she makes yardage for her fabulous felted coats.

felt :: feutre canada members only Have you ever considered making felt yardage for a tailored coat (or other garment) but were not sure how to start? This Art Talk will tackle the math, layout and planning involved in making Yardage of Felt for your sewing project. This will not focus on a specific coat, but more the method to succeed with YOUR pattern and YOUR style of feltmaking. Slide show plus audience Q&A. There will also be a PDF available to work through when you are ready to make your yardage.

This is the second of the series of Art Talks available to the members of felt :: feutre canada in 2022. We grow together as a community of Canadian feltmakers by learning from each other.

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