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Newest Board Member :: Tina Sharopova

For 2022 we have a new secretary. Tina Sharapova lives in New Brunswick and has many creative talents to share with our membership. I recently asked her two questions that I hope will help you know Tina a bit better. We look forward to having Tina on our Board!

What do you look forward to most in your new role as secretary? In my new role as felt :: feutre canada's secretary I am looking forward to connecting with interesting people and bringing new ideas into the felting community. I find it very important for creative people to exchange thoughts and ideas, to feel that we are not alone, even if we work independently in our studios.

Do you have any favourite project or idea you would like to see happening with felt :: feutre canada? I want to help our members to create a space where we can support each other, share tips and tricks and find answers to our questions about the art of felting. We had so many beautiful projects in the previous year, so many workshops and art talks, and I hope that next year will also be very inspiring and productive! With the addition of Tina, we have Board representation in 4 different time zones across Canada! We are truly a National Organization!

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