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Reading Series (Part 3) :: More Great Fibre Reads

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

This week we continue our book series with a look at books by two fibre artists we know well, Ellen Bakker and Moy Mackay. Both of these inspiring artists were mentors at our last symposium, and are generous teachers.

Ellen is not only a fabulous fibre artist, she’s also a talented graphic designer, and the author of a series of five books about fibre art. This is a great series to begin with if you have limited space.

In Ellen’s Felting is for Me…, we learn about 93 fibre artists from the Netherlands and Belgium and why they love felting. The book is crammed with insights and colourful photographs of a wide range of felted artwork. There’s something for everyone, from big sculptural pieces to softer subtle works.

Felt Passion is focused on fibre artists who are German speaking. In Ellen’s second book, we learn why they feel so passionate about felting and what pushes them to create. This book is truly inspirational with 750 photographs. You’ll be amazed by the creative work in this book.

Ellen’s third book, Textile is Alive features the work of 250 artists, designers and handwork specialists from the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you’ll learn about a wide range of techniques including embroidery, knitting, crocheting, dyeing/printing, felting, knotting, sewing, punching, weaving, and (art)quilting.

Textile art Around the World contains some of the most dynamic textile work in the world, and presents art by 160 international artists. With over 800 photographs, you can spend hours simply browsing through the book. This is a great read for those eager to get the creative juices flowing.

Her last book, Worldwide Colours of Felt asks the reader to think about colour—how it affects their mood, their creations, and their day-to-day life. Covering the work of 500 artists from 40 nations, the book is divided into 10 chapters, each devoted to a colour. You’ll be amazed by the work displayed, there’s everything from utensils to jewels.

To learn more about Ellen Bakker visit HERE.

The books are all available  at Artgus Studio The website has a detailed description of each book with examples of the book’s photos.

Artgus Studio has been a big supporter of felt :: feutre canada over the years. Owners Nathalie Ethier and Ken Hutchison are Canadian importers and exporters of fibres, textile products, fabric, yarns, tools and equipment from around the world. They sell wholesale to stores, artisans, and designers.

Moy Mackay creates paintings using roving that look as though they were created with paints. She’s considered the world’s top authority on this process which combines both patience and great creative skill. She has written three books on the topic—two of which are included in our photo. These books can all be found HERE. For anyone who dreams of working in this area, these books are must-haves. Consider them an investment in your art.

Moy’s Art in Felt & Stitch: Creating beautiful works of art using fleece, fibres and threads is a great way to learn the ins-and-outs of painting with fibre. You’ll feel confident as Moy guides you through the process. The book is filled with practical advice on everything from stitching to information on how to create texture with fibre and thread. This book will definitely help you cultivate your talents.

Flowers in Felt & Stitch: Creating Floral Artworks Using Fleece, Fibres and Threads is a terrific way to focus one’s skills. Learn about how to create flowers in landscape, still life, and botanical portraits. There is even a section devoted to how to create leaves and petals. The book includes a showcase of Moy’s work as well as four projects with step-by-step instruction.

Last but certainly not least, The Art of Moy Mackay: An inspirational guide to painting with felted fibres & stitch is a book designed to help you cultivate your own felting style. It’s filled with advice, and inspirational ideas. You’ll love looking at  Moy’s beautiful sketches and learning about her process. It’s bound to get you thinking about your own creative approach.

To learn more about the amazing Moy visit HERE.

Next time,  join us as we continue our look at great fibre reads with a look at How to Books.

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