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MIGRATION exhibition :: Catalogue (2016)

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We still have a few copies of the print edition of the felt :: feutre canada MIGRATION exhibition catalogue available for purchase. 

The catalogue is filled with exceptional full colour photographs of the exhibited work.

The featured artists are: Connie Morie, June Jacobs, Fiona Duthie, Jennifer Tsuchida, Alice Pallett, Heike Fink, Donna Stockdale, Christianna Ferguson, Cindy Obuck, Melanie Siegel, Sheila Thompson, Fay Hodson, Carmen Ditzier, Trish Hirshkorn, Sandi Luck, Deborah Dumka, Kimberly Tucker, Elana Sigal, Carmen Laferriere, Andrea Graham, Yvonne Freigang, Diane Krys, Diane Lemire, Jo-Ann Zorzi, Masami Norisue, Laleh Javaheri, Alexandra Goodall, Pat Moore, Jennifer Osborn, Amy Burkard, Colleen Thomson, Debbie Katz, Monica Bennett, Violet Racz, Julie Carmichael, Laurie Steffler, Rosemarie Péloquin, Jessica deHass and Judith Dios. 

This work is a fabulous example of the diversity of the medium in Canada.

The 54 page catalogue is filled with motivational artist statements that will make you ponder your own approach to your work. It’s wonderful. You will want to look at it over and over.

The catalogue: $20.00, shipping: $8.50.

The print edition is limited with only a few still available so you won’t want to delay. This is a beautiful piece that is bound to inspire.

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