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Jennifer Tsuchida :: members in the media

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Congratulations to Jennifer Tsuchida from Ontario on her feature article in Felt Matters, the International Felt Association journal. The most recent issue, just released this month, includes a two page, in-depth profile, as well as a collection of images of Jennifer’s stunning work.

Jennifer Tsuchida is a Canadian felt artist who is enchanted by the magic of turning wool fibre into a cohesive felted fabric. Employing both traditional and modern felt making techniques, Jennifer creates hand felted sculptural pieces of functional, decorative, and wearable art. She is at once inspired by the natural world and the underbelly of the darkest corners of her imagination.

In her words, “From the moment I started felting, I knew it was my calling. It felt as if the wool was an extension of my hands; it was such an incredible feeling. I especially love constructing the layout. The repetitious movement of creating my layout is a very meditative process, allowing me to drown out all distractions and truly focus on the creative process. It feels as if all the world’s troubles just melt away with each staple of wool that I lay down on my felting table.”

Jennifer Tsuchida is a very talented felt artist, with a unique and powerful voice. She is one of our instructors at this years Canadian Felt Symposium.

You can read more about Jennifer and her work here:

To learn more about the International Feltmakers Association, visit the website here:

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