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Fiona Duthie :: Sea States exhibition at DHG in Italy (2017)

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Fiona Duthie is an internationally recognized felt artist known for her innovative and detailed surface design. A storyteller at heart, she uses fibre as a metaphor to explore themes such as oceanography, geography and psychology. Looking at Fiona’s work can be compared to reading a poem several times, as with each viewing one discovers new aspects and nuances.

In her latest collection of wearable art, Fiona has designed the work to be manipulated by the wearer. This casts the wearer as a collaborator, as their movements change the significance and feel of the work. This brings an added dimension to Fiona’s storytelling as it allows the wearer to dictate the pace or timeline—the same way her outdoor sculptures are affected by the environment in which they are placed.

Whether creating outdoor works or smaller pieces, Fiona creates three dimensional forms using traditional felting methods. Sewing is only used at the end and primarily to add detailing. The majority of her work uses natural dyes and fibres which she feels adds to the narrative of each piece.

Fiona's work has been exhibited in both public and private galleries in Canada, the US. New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  In March, her exhibit with Katia Mokeyeva, Sea States, will open at Spazio DHG Dye House Gallery in Prato, Italy on March 24.  

The work in Sea States is an examination of how our inner lives can be compared to the ocean’s conditions: the movement of wind, swell, and current. The exhibition runs until May 26, 2017.

While in Prato, She will be giving a two-day workshop (March 26-27, 2017) entitled, Sea States Capelet. Here students will explore shadow felting, sumi-e ink work, raised prefelts and forms, and cordwork.

From Italy, Fiona will be travel to the Shetland Islands to begin her month-long artist residency. She will be offering two felting retreats while there. There is one space available due to a cancellation, but don’t hesitate if you’re interested, it won’t last for long.

Fiona is a popular instructor who has taught internationally and is known for her creativity and her ability to encourage her students in furthering their creative practice. To find out the details visit:

If you can’t make it to this workshop but would love to work with Fiona, consider taking one of her online courses. These workshops have a great one-on-one feel but you can take part no matter your location.

To read more about Fiona’s work, visit her website:

In addition to her creative work, Fiona is the president of felt :: feutre canada and is devoted to building a national and international platform for emerging and established Canadian felt artists.

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