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Meet our newest Board Member :: Donna Bennett

For 2022 we have a new treasurer. Donna Bennett lives in British Columbia and brings new energy and a confidence with numbers to our team for 2022. I recently asked her two questions that I hope will help you know Donna a bit better. We look forward to having Donna on our Board!

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as treasurer?

I am looking forward to giving back with my time and energy and skill set to felt :: feutre canada as the organization has given a lot to me over the years in the way of inspiration, opportunities to learn and a sense of being part of an extensive network of Canadian fibre artists and crafts people. That sense of belonging to a community is particularly important to me.

Do you have any favourite project or idea you would like to see happening with felt :: feutre canada?

I would love to have felt :: feutre canada continue to expand the wonderful online opportunities to connect and learn from each other that have been initiated particularly over the last calendar year.

Welcome to our Board of Directors Donna. Let's make it a great 2022!

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