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Rhonda Lamb :: Meet our new Secretary (2019 - 2020)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Our new Secretary Rhonda Lamb has been felting about fourteen years. She has lived in rural Saskatchewan her entire life. Her rural surroundings provide her with the inspiration for all of her pieces.

Recently we were lucky enough to talk to Rhonda about her decision to be part of the felt::feutre canada board.

Why felt :: feutre canada, and what are you looking forward to sharing with other members? I have attended every opportunity presented by felt :: feutre canada: Salt Spring, Penticton, and the Annapolis Basin. These workshops allowed me to not only develop my technical skills but also connect to an amazing network of fellow felters from across Canada. I feel that felt :: feutre canada belongs to its members, creating a national organization that brings together felters of every level and community, and bringing fibre art forward as an art form.

What are your looking forward to creating in 2019? I’m exploring new patterns and surface designs utilizing new techniques that I learned at the symposium in Nova Scotia in 2018.

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