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Meet new member :: Deanne Underwood

We invited a brand new member of felt :: feutre canada to introduce herself. Her work is amazing! Let's all meet Deanne.

Hi there, my name is Deanne Underwood. I am a full time felt artist living in Edmonton. I am so happy to have joined this community of Canadian felters! My business name, Prairie Girl Felting, is a pretty good indicator of where my heart lies. I grew up in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and have now lived in Alberta almost twenty years. The prairie feels like home to me.

I first became aware of felt art through the work of Saskatchewan fibre artist Myrna Harris. Her poetic use of colour and texture was truly magic. I decided to learn how to work with fibre myself about three years ago. My technique has been forged through plenty of trial and error, and mostly during the isolation of COVID. I use a combination of needle felting and gentle wet felting to accomplish a range of texture within each piece. I would describe my style as playful, colourful and graphic. I have enjoyed taking on many commissions and this past year I participated in several public art shows. I am looking forward to the next chapter of building a website and becoming a more active member of the art and craft community.

My favourite fibre is Fleece Artist Handmaiden Sliver roving which I typically source from River City Yarns in Edmonton and Jo's Yarn Garden in Stony Plain. Deanne's facebook page:

If you are a member of felt :: feutre canada and would like a feature of your felting, business or gallery exhibit, please reach us through the contact page.

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