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Tracy Kuhtz :: Meet our new Treasurer (2019)

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Meet felt :: feutre canada’s new treasurer, Tracy Kuhtz. A fibre artist who is influenced by the landscape around her new home in Naramata. Her current work explores interpretations of “trees” along with other organic shapes. Tracy has enjoyed working with textiles her entire life.

Recently we had the chance to talk to Tracy about her new role.

Why felt :: feutre canada, and what are you looking forward to sharing with our members?

My first exposure to felting was in a weekend workshop run by Rhonda Lamb in Regina, SK. I knew as soon as I worked with my hands on the fibre that I was in love.

I was fortunate to find out the felt :: feutre canada Ssymposium 2016 was going to be in Penticton, so close to my new home. Wow – seeing the work done by the instructors and my fellow participants was amazing. There is no limit to the creative possibilities of felt.

The connections I made at the symposium with the Okanagan felt community has made making the transition of moving from SK to Naramata, BC so much easier. When Violet Racz asked if I would consider helping felt :: feutre canada by taking on the Treasurer position, I was flattered and jumped right in. The executive and committee chairs are wonderful to work with. I look forward to meeting more people in the felting community and being inspired by their creativity and passion for felting.

What are your looking forward to creating in 2019?

We are building a house in Naramata- with space for my felting! I look forward to working on more tree sculptures, functional art pieces, and creating some wearable pieces.

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