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Lesley Buxton :: New creative non-fiction Book Release

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Many of you will have met Lesley Buxton, our media coordinator, at the Canadian Felt symposiums, or at very least through her regular posting here in our news pages and on Facebook.

Lesley is not only a valued member of the felt :: feutre canada team, she is also a very gifted author who has recently published her first book of creative non-fiction, One Strong Girl, with Pottersfield Press.

Lesley’s story of life and loss and her daughter, India, has touched many of us through conversations, Lesley’s excellent interview on CBC Radio’s Tapestry (you can listen to the interview here), and now, through this evocative and emotionally raw memoir.  Lesley’s heartfelt and beautifully composed words “are a bold description of what it means to deal with deep sorrow and still find balance and beauty in an age steeped in the denial of death.” Pottersfield Press  

We congratulate Lesley on the publication of this important book.

You can buy her book here: one-strong-girl

To read more Lesley and her work, visit her website here:

Listen to an online reading with Lesley, with beautiful animation work by Lesley’s husband, and India’s father, Mark Taylor, here:

One Strong Girl is a Mother’s account of what it’s like to outlive her only child. It describes the intensity of loving a dying child and most importantly, the laughter amidst the sorrow. From the moment Lesley learned her daughter, India, was going to die she tried to imagine what it would be like to exist in the world without her. She read everything concerning grief she could find, hoping for answers.

When India did die, Lesley instantly understood that there was no way to prepare. For the first time in her life she craved death. Still she felt fearless—after all, what could hurt her? Somewhere in these two incongruities, the truth about grief is buried.

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