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It's Official. Our new website is up and running!

Lots of news about our members....

top: Left to right: Roberta Rolf, Samantha Gullekson, Wendy Klotz.

bottom: Mechthild Reinders, Christianna Ferguson, Megan Cleland

You will find all the stories about our members and felt :: feutre canada activities under "News". We even pulled the news from our old website so you can revisit the fun we had over the last five years!

Membership: Our membership is open to feltmakers living in Canada, and Canadians living abroad. Our membership application for 2022 will open in December. You will find that under "How to Join". Membership allows access to online events such as Art Talks, Member Challenges, our private Facebook page, POP chats, regional meetings and discounts to our workshops, both online and in person (when we are ready to have them again).

For those who are not in Canada or Canadian, you can still "Subscribe" to our mailing list newsletter. There is still a lot of information for non-members including access to our workshops. Look at our "Galleries", and our "Resources" for inspiration, great ideas and tips to help with your feltmaking.

On our "Home" page you will find our instagram posts. Follow us @felt.feutrecanada on instagram, or read the posts on our Home page.

Bookmark us and visit often. There will be weekly news articles, and we are always adding great information for members and non-members. Let's celebrate Canadian feltmaking!

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