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Andrea Revoy :: Introducing Blue Moon Studio

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Recently we spoke to Andrea Revoyof Blue Moon Studio. At her studio in gorgeous Creston, BC, Andrea has opened an online fibre store for fibre lovers. Here she showcases her dyed roving and yarns and carries a large assortment of interesting fibres and tools. She sources quality fibres from across the world and is the North American supplier for the Nicola Brown eco-printing workshops and supplies.

Visit Blue Mountain Studio HERE

Andrea is a ceramic artist who has learned to merge her passion for ceramics with her love for the fibre arts. She dyes and spins fibre for yarns and provides quality fibre for fibre artists looking for unique colour ways. Her studio is in the middle of a cherry orchard surrounded by mountains.

She says, “I am drawn to making whimsical, tactile, and colourful things full of patterns, textures and flowers. Whether I’m working with clay or wool, I use many different methods, materials and techniques to achieve the results I desire.” Quality workmanship, attention to detail, and a sense of humour are at the core of all her creations.

Tell us about creating during the pandemic.

Creativity during this pandemic definitely has had its challenges. To overcome this early on in the lockdown in 2020, three friends and I undertook a doll challenge where we passed these incomplete dolls around, adding body parts, embellishments and strange accoutrements. Our creativity was given a real workout.

The only parameters for the challenge were that the doll had to fit in a shoe box, materials and objects had to come from our stash, and each doll had a 72-hour quarantine after a parking lot rendezvous where we did the exchange. There was a lot of felt, yarns, fabric, and random bits and pieces dug from the inner depths of the no-mans-land stash that probably hadn’t seen the light of day for years. Trying to make random body parts fit together was probably the most challenging aspect; and the embellishments the most fun.

Having such a fun, creative outlet gave us loads of laughter, helped us get out of bed, do our hair, and have something on the calendar to look forward to. As a result of this collaboration, we four friends feel a lot closer; with a better understanding of ourselves and each other than we did before Covid.

What advice do you have about felting?

I don’t do a lot of felting on my own, I usually felt with a couple friends who are much more accomplished than I. What I have learned from them, as I did when first started to spin and buy fibre, is to get the best fibre and tools you can afford. It will make your projects much more enjoyable with better results and fewer frustrations than if you had used dirty, or poor-quality fibre. I would also recommend having a fibre friend or mentor to work alongside, you will learn so much.

What are your fibre ambitions for 2021?

My fibre ambitions for 2021 is to felt a big Shyrdak rug in the style of the Kyrgyz felted rugs of Kyrgyzstan. I hope I said that right!

Learn more about Andrea HERE

Thank you Andrea for sharing your thoughts with us.

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