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Annina :: of Wanderlust & Faeriedust (Quesnel, BC)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Annina is a Swiss-born fibre artist who creates from her studio in Quesnel, BC.  She and her partner live an inspired life, working under the brand Wanderlust & Faeriedust. The two live full time in their ‘Skoolie’, a mini school bus that has been converted into a beautiful Tiny Home on wheels, transforming seamlessly into their touring vehicle for markets and summer festivals, where they bring their creative offerings to the people. Life on the road is an integral part of Annina’s inspiration, a freedom and a connection to the land that she feels is deeply reflected in her work.

Her wearable Art encaptures flow and elegance, honouring the beauty of the feminine form, while maintaining an ‘edge’ – a touch of raw, untamed wild with roots in nature and Fantasy worlds…a reminder of our ancestors and the history of (natural) clothes making. She loves to combine various fabrics, fibres and techniques, stepping out of comfort zones and removing boundaries, believing that anything is possible if in the right mindframe.

It’s important to Annina that people understand what a magical medium wool is. In her art she only uses fibre from sources that are ethically responsible. She has a deep love for the animals that provide her with the materials she uses and the symbiosis of working with “the gifted material without anyone coming to harm”.

Her favourite materials to work with are?

She loves the feel of raw locks and silky fibres and fabrics combined with the finest natural Merino, but also loves working with some coarser wools. Natural locks, neutral and earthy colours are her favourite to work with and she even sometimes incorporates precious stones into her work. Flow and a touch of Magic are the two most important ingredients, and no two pieces are ever the same.

What were the challenges in creating the featured piece?

The featured piece in the photo below, ‘Forest Dance’, shows a nuno-felted, seamless dress with short sleeves made with one of her own resists. It is nunofelted with the finest layer of both silk and wool for volume and comfort, rolled evenly by hand with a hand-stitched zipper in the back to keep its feminine shape and accentuate where it needs to.

‘Forest Dance’ features a Labradorite stone felted into the piece, to remind of Dance and Laughter while wearing it. It was a welcome challenge to maintain these elements and yet get the best shape and fit in this seamless dress. Seamless felting challenges the maker to create in one single piece with no sewing, essentially like a fibre sculpture, while preserving and showcasing the beautiful lines and curves of the human body. The specific challenges with this dress were to get that shape that accentuates the body, felting it enough to be strong but not so much that it becomes too thick and uncomfortable.

What are you hoping to achieve this year creatively?

Most of all in the coming year Annina hopes to achieve more knowledge, deepen her skills and develop new techniques. Her intent is to focus on submissions and shows, creating raw yet elegant pieces for women of all walks of life, each with their own unique touch of magic and the love for dressing in quality clothing.

Upcoming Shows: May 3-5, 2019 Butterdome Spring Craft Sale, Edmonton AB June 7-9, 2019 Creative Chaos Craft Sale, Vernon BC Nov 7-11, 2019 Circle Craft Vancouver BC Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2019 Butterdome Xmas Craft Sale, Edmonton AB

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