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Gallery Vertigo :: Exploring the Theme of Shelter with Fibre Arts (Okanagan, 2019)

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Gallery Vertigo North Okanagan Artists Alternative SHELTER Fibre Exhibit

News media is filled with stories related to homelessness. Some stories decry the lack of affordable housing, some offer solutions, and still others portray the lack of government support for the solutions offered. What’s your vision of Shelter? Is it the renewal of dilapidated buildings? Is it a tent in a campground or perhaps a homesteading plot in the wilderness? Perhaps your thoughts of Shelter relate to protection; protection from the elements, from harm.

With this exhibit, Vertigo challenged fibre artists to interpret the theme of Shelter in whichever direction their creative muse would take them. The fibre art pieces range from the realistic to the abstraction of the theme.

Over 27 Artists submitted pieces to the exhibition, which they created using fibre and a range of other materials. Artists from Maple Ridge, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Kelowna and Vernon had pieces selected for the exhibition.

We congratulate felt :: feutre canada members  Denise Oyelese, Carmen LaFerrier, and Tracy Kuhtz whose work was included in the show.

To Have & To Hold – Denise Oyelese.

“Shelter is anything that provides security & reprieve from the elements…however temporary or permanent.”

For the exhibit Denise created a wet felted sculpture, a human form, which rests inside a rusty tool box, representing those who have no set address. Our homeless people who resort to the unimaginable for Shelter on the streets.

Local Vernon fibre artist Carmen LaFerrier explored the meaning of SHELTER in her piece Mes Elles D’avant. The mere size of the wall piece, along with its bold coloring of red, black and white wool, captures your attention. The five small shelters displayed at the foot of the wall-hanging illustrates the “yearning all of us have for a place to call home”.

Naramata based felt artist, Tracy Kuhtz – SHELTER for ALL

“Trees are natures oldest form of shelter. Shelter is a space that allows the occupant to feel safe and accepted. High in the branches or under the roots or beneath the branches .. the tree welcomes all.”

felt :: feutre canada members Violet Racz,  Alice Pallett with her piece, Diane Goossens and Denise Oyelese. at Gallery Vertigo.

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