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Fourth of our Workshop Series :: EXPERIMENTAL SILK PAINTING with Ellen Bakker

Ellen's classes at Symposium 2018 and with Fiona in Salt Spring early 2020 were very popular with our members and we were thrilled she created her first on-line class for us. Participants met with Ellen live from the Netherlands to discover the creativity in themselves and the surprising possibilities of experimental silk painting.

This workshop was so popular that felt :: feutre canada made two sessions, both held last week.

During this workshop we learned the effect of working with various transparent layers, making the paint flow, but also stopping the paint. We worked with brushes, templates, stamps and other tools. But above all, we learned to intuitively fill the white silk with colour and shape.

The experience of a live zoom workshop allowed for a small class size and everyone showing their work at each stage. It was wonderful to live chat with Ellen and all the other participants.

Here are a few of the painted silks produced by students.

Visit Ellen's website:

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