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First Felt 2017 :: Update January 2017

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Earlier this month we asked you to share with us your first felt for 2017.

It has been a delight for us here at felt :: feutre canada to receive your many emails and see your posts with your first felts for 2017!  Many of you started the year with a project or felt form new to you,  experimented with a new technique, pushing your boundaries, began your creative year with a workshop to enhance your skills, or just created with pure joy!

We heard from feltmakers from across Canada, as well as the US and Australia, and we share some of their wonderful first felts here.  Thank you, everyone, for sharing your work with us!

Anna Mathis

My first woolly piece, above, is a sample; I was experimenting with maintaining the integrity of the locks and the texture of the natural fibres. The next image is of my process; this will be a shawl with a yarn fringe embellished with secondary structures and fibres. I just couldn’t resist sharing, the winter sun is shinning brightly into my studio today!

Heather Brimblecombe

My first felt for 2017 was a small vessel. It was for fundraising for Mind Australia, a mental health charity, as part of the Fibre Arts Australia Summer School in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. I participated in a workshop with Pamela MacGregor. It was an inspirational start to the year, making new friends, learning new techniques and seeing the work of other international tutors.

Sue Smorthwaite

My first felt is this little vessel, made around a resist with merino wool, mohair curls, recycled button and a found seed pod. Width 13cm, Height 17cm to top of seed pod. At the moment I am playing around with small sculptural pieces and trying to incorporate found objects into each piece.

Sharyn Dyer

I began my new year in felt with an online class in hatmaking. I  got started with the new techniques as soon as the link for the workshop arrived. I’m looking forward to incorporating more surface design techniques into the hats as well as being more adventurous in shaping. This has really given me a boost for the new year as it is so hot here that I generally don’t do much of anything in January.

Sandra Barrett

This lampshade is my first felt in 2017. It combines paper, ink and felt – a technique learnt at Fiona Duthie’s workshop during the felt :: feutre Canadian Felt Symposium 2016.  I wanted the writing to be as clear as possible so I kept pulling the paper away from the felt, so the words could be easily read. I concentrated on felting the mid section for stability.  I received a grant to take the Fibre + Paper + Ink workshop and this experimentation demonstrates what I’ve learnt and how I’ve developed the techniques. I am enjoying this! Size 17″ high x 21″ diameter.

Leslie Cervenka

My first felt is a floral piece I created,  starting with a space dyed blue/green merino background. The flower garden consists of yarn, tussah silk, sari ribbon, merino neps, dyed locks, silk hankies, silk noil, a bit of prefelt, and a touch of angelina sparkle!

I usually go into this kind of piece with no plan and just play with the fibers until it looks good to my eye. It is completely wet felted. My husband built a frame just for this piece. A very fun felting start to the new year!

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