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Fiona Duthie :: Exhibition :: Resilience (2019)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


Opening October 15- 6-8pm

October 15-November 26, 2019

Craft Council of British Columbia

1386 Cartwright Street

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Resilience speaks to the nurturing of our inner strengths through times of crisis. Finding a path to access our interior coals and blowing gently over them, fueling our plasticity ability to move forward.

Materiality is key here- charred wood, natural ink, felted paper, ceramics. Common materials transformed through extreme challenge but emerging stronger for the experience. These materials are combined in wall tiles with bold contrasts in values and textures. The simple forms hold potential, commitment, boundaries and strength.

The installation is made up of over 140 blocks or wall tiles. The abstract patterning in the blocks begins in a unified arrangement. Throughout the exhibition, small shifts in positioning of the pieces will reflect life transitions; flowing, abrupt, jarring, activating. These changes and shifts are unforeseen and undirected, but the installation maintains its visual integrity.

These pieces are made with burnt BC fir-offcuts from local building sites, soot based inks made from forest fire burnt trees, clay, wool fibre and mulberry paper.

This work emerged from observing the burnt forests in British Columbia and Australia. Nature and humanity share this trait- In the face of adversity we are both resilient.

You can read more about the exhibition here

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