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Diane Krys & Deborah Dumka :: Wednesday Art Talk

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Wednesday at the Canadian Felt Symposium 2016 began with an art talk given by fibre artists Diane Krys and Deborah Dumka, two artists concerned with breaking boundaries.

Relationship to place through landcape is the central theme of Deborah’s work. First through colour and currently through form, based on specific elements of the coastal landscape of her rural island home in the Pacific Northwest. She works with wool, a natural material which needs to submit to a process mirroring the unstoppable rhythm of the sea to transform from the insubstantial airiness to substantial texture. She is concerned with “nature deficit” and how experiences in nature contribute to human health, well-being and spirit.

Deborah creates work that encapsulates an experience of nature for an audience that must deliberately seek out and arrange meaningful experiences. Her work “Cradle” is featured in our exhibit, an interactive piece it combines sound with the tactile. It was made using: wool fibre, silk ribbon, silk fibre, merino prefect, conductive fibre, thread, and audio electrical components.

Like Deborah, Diane’s work challenges the expected. An innovator, Diane developed her own methods to combine rug hooking, felting and knitting. She believes felting as moved her work into a more sculptural arena and has allowed her to create more expressive and personal work. Her pieces, “Propaganda” and “Lip Service” are part of our exhibition, Migration. With “Propaganda” she explores the idea of how dishonesty and misinformation are perpetuated. “Lip Service” continues with this theme, exploring the idea of how “face to face talking is just an illusion.”

It was a rare treat to join these two exceptional artists in a discussion of their work. We are appreciative of their openness and generosity.

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