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Alice Pallett & Violet Racz :: Art Felt Collaborative :: Saturday Art Talk (2016)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Saturday at at the Canadian Felt Symposium 2016 began with an art talk given by fibre artists Violet Racz and Alice Pallett, two members of Art Felt Collaborative, a group of Okanangan Felt artists who inspire and support each other in their creative individual and group endeavors.

Violet and Alice talked about the formation of the Art Felt Collaborative and how they found each other. They also discussed how the group supports each other’s creativity and artistic growth.

The collective consists of five fibre artists in all. The other members are: Amy Burkard, Diane Goossens and Judith Mueller. Each member’s work is distinct and original but they share a common love and a passion for fibre and  artistic creation. They also believe in the beauty of collaboration and the pursuit of learning and sharing.

The collective is also the creators of: Felt It Forward.

Felt it Forward is an endeavor designed to build community among felt makers, very much like a knit night. Felt makers are invited to bring materials, a generous heart and favorite food to share at a pot luck lunch. There is a small drop-in fee. If you have questions about these meetings write to:

This group is a great example of what can happen when artists work together!

Check and for more information on the Art Felt Collaborative.

Join Art Felt Collaborative for Surfacing at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery from October 8-29th, 2016. Opening Night Reception October 7th at 7pm.

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