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Migration :: FELT fashion 2016 :: Whimsy, Drama, Charm and Imagination

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Migration :: FELT fashion 2016 was an evening of glamour, creativity and color. For the event Penticton’s Shatford Centre was transformed into a venue rivaling any big city’s.

The 150 guests were treated to Okanagan wine, tapas and beauty.

 Susan lopatecki, a local Okanagan textile designer and owner of SASS boutique was our hostess. We appreciate all her work both onstage and backstage. She was helped in this endeavor by Fiona Duthie, instructor and designer, and Rene Corder Evans, also one of our talented designers.

The show featured 53 pieces from 27 designers across Canada. Featured on the blog are works by: Reena Hood, Judith Dios, Cindy Bouthillier, Laleh Javaheri, Sandi Luck, Ayami Stryck, Chantal Cardinal, Diane Lemire and Laleh Javaheri. 

Thanks go out to our gorgeous models, who did an incredible job of inhabiting the clothes. (And their dressers.) Also many thanks to: Mark Taylor and Sandra Barrett for the photographs. Thanks also to at the Jane, Faith, and Peter from Shatford Centre and their lovely staff, the talented  kitchen wizards and volunteer bar staff as well as the many folks were behind the scenes. A great event like this is a collaboration and every person who played a part in this one is deeply appreciated for sharing their talents.

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