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felt :: feutre canada On-Line Workshop Development Grants 2022

NOTE: These grants are for our current 2022 members only.

felt :: feutre canada On-Line Workshop Development Grant 2022

felt :: feutre canada has established two grants to be awarded to felt :: feutre canada members in 2022.

The aim of the On-Line Workshop Development Grant is to assist teaching members to create an online workshop. The grant can be used to purchase equipment to create video recordings for the workshop, create a presentation platform or financially assist in the hiring of a videographer or other professional assistance to achieve the transition to on-line teaching.

One $600.00 award will be given in each of the following two categories:

  1. Emerging Teacher: This applicant will be completely new to the experience of teaching online. They will have a workshop idea that they wish to take on-line and feel they could succeed given access to the necessary equipment or professional videographer.

  2. Established Teacher: Someone with some experience on-line (PDF, Zoom, YouTube, Art Talks or other forms of on-line presence) who wishes to expand their technical videography and online presentation through equipment, presentation platform or professional assistance upgrades.

All grant funds are to be spent on new equipment or upgrades in equipment, online tools or technical assistance for a specific project.

Funds are not available for PDF only or live only workshops, although these components may also be included in the class

Membership in felt :: feutre canada is a requirement. Current felt :: feutre canada board members and Grant committee members are ineligible.

Deadline for application: March 1, 2022

Successful applicants will be notified by April 1, 2022

Grant recipients will be required to:

  • Design an on-line class and upload it ready to offer by August 1, 2022

  • Present the completed workshop to a paying audience, with felt :: feutre canada assisting in organizing and promotion to make that happen for the initial offering

  • Provide a brief written summary of their experience, to be submitted to the Board within two weeks of completion of the project.

  • Allow felt :: feutre canada members the opportunity to access the first presentation of this workshop before it is made available to the general public

  • Video workshop remains the sole property of the creator to do with as they wish after the initial presentation by felt :: feutre canada.

  • Creator will agree to not advertise this workshop outside felt :: feutre canada until its members participation in the initial workshop is completed.

To apply:

Email your responses to the following to:

  • Name

  • Address

  • e-mail

  • Phone number

  • Website (if applicable)

  • Grant category you are applying in (Emerging or Established)

  • Description of your practice: i.e. hobbyist, artisan (selling your work), emerging artist, experienced artist

  • Where have you taught your in-person workshops in the past? (if applicable)

  • Describe the workshop you would create if chosen for this grant.

  • How will this grant assist you in the creation of this workshop - be specific. Tell us what you would need and approximate costs

  • Please attach photographs of the proposed workshop project

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