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Sandra Barrett :: Makes Headlines in Hometown (2018)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Sandra Barrett recently made the paper in her hometown of Fernie British Colombia for her involvement in felt :: feutre canada's latest exhibit Shrine. Sandra’s piece Spiritual Temple was chosen as the cover image for the exhibition’s catalogue.

Sandra piece can be best described as a metaphor for the story of her life. It uses the two art forms most essential to Sandra’s creative life: blacksmithing and felting. The small copper doors are replicas of  the ones she made at Wroughton Methodist Church in the beginning of her blacksmithing career. The beautifully embellished exterior covered in gold felt is reminiscent of the gold autumn leaves of the Cottonwood trees and represents “the hearts of gold” that have graced Sandra’s life. In contrast the green interior is symbolic of both decay and regeneration. A bridge between this world and the next. The mask is made with thermoformable felt draped over a bronze cast of Sandra’s face then hardened. The eyes are lit which gives an otherworldly feel to the piece exuding a sense of mystery and spirituality.

Sandra Barrett’s work has been featured in Ellen Bakker’s Worldwide Colours of Felt, Australia’s Felt Matters, the journal of the International Feltmakers Association and in the online exhibitions: Stories of Trees and Transitions curated by Fiona Duthie. Her piece True North was part of a year long tour of Britain with the International Feltmakers Association traveling exhibit: Sea and Sky. 

Sandra recently attended 2018 Canadian Felting Week where she took workshops by Moy Mackay and Ellen Bakker. 

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