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Artgus Studio :: Fabulous Fibres

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As mentioned in a previous post, Canadian Felt Symposium (2016) participants attending the Felt Maker’s Revel were treated to a gift from DHG or Artgus Studio

Today we are focusing on those participants who received a gift from Artgus Studio . This Canadian company imports and exports a wide variety of gorgeous fibres, textile products, fabric, yarn, tools and equipment from around the world. The company is well known to artisans and designers who use fibers in felting, spinning and weaving.  They only sell wholesale.

Participants, who received a gift bag from Artgus Studio were treated to an embellishment pack with samples of  these exotic fibres:  hemp, ramie, mulberry silk.sari silk, throwsters silk, silk caps, pulled mulberry silk, mulberry silk noils, scandanavian C1 wool batting, plus a felt ball. Fabulous stuff with lots of potential for inspired creations!

Here at felt :: feutre canada, we want to know what  you are making with this exotic fibre? What spectacular ideas are brewing?  How did this fibre inspire you? Did it take you to a new place artistically? Don’t leave us hanging. We want to see your Artgus Studio creations!

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