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Elina Ten :: Eco Couture Designer

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

These days Elina Ten of Elina Ten Eco Couture is considered a Canadian discovery–she’s Korean but was born in Kazakhstan where people have a long history of using ancient felting techniques to create yurts for nomadic living and garments. The only difference is the fibre she uses. Elina favours extra fine merino wool, silks, beautiful natural fibres and high quality fabrics.

Elina believes her heritage makes a difference in her creativity, “I’m Canadian Citizen, Born in Kazakhstan, Nationality is Korean, Christian …In total, Multicultural. I think it makes some difference and influence of mixture of the opposite  cultures and religions.”

What Elina loves about the process of felting is the magic of bringing together airy fibres, imagination, warm water, and olive oil soap to create gorgeous material by hand. Her technique uses eco-friendly materials, ancient silk art and Nuno felting to produce an exquisite array of colour, texture, and emotion. Elina says, “It’s as if I create an original palette with each new artwork – each item that can be transformed each way one decides to wear it… the colours form innovative combinations based on your preferences.”

When asked about her creative influences Elina says, “I truly believe that all inspiration and creativity is from God and in His creations around us and endless possibilities with Him!” Of the many talented and gifted artists Elina admires, she particularly enjoys Claude Monet the French painter and founder of Impressionism. She loves his landscapes, especially the lily pond.

She also admires the work of textile artist, Lesley Richmond particularly how she creates lace effects on silk blend fabric using  multi-media techniques to create dimensional surfaces.

Elina’s creations are designed for all shapes, sizes, genders and ages using silk and raw fine wool. These wearable works of art are not only beautiful, but amazingly wearable, warm, and delicate. Created without any seams, her pieces are always reversible and unbelievably soft to touch. Some designs are so thin they appear almost translucent.

She creates her one-of-a-kind pieces in her Richmond Hill 3D Art Design Studio. Her work has been featured at the: Vancouver Fashion Week, Western Canadian Fashion Week celebrity collection, Canadian Asian Fashion Week, Eco Chic Fashion Show sponsored by United Way, Hope in the City, Canadian Cancer Society, The Wearable Art Show, One of a Kind Show, Fall Fling Fashion Show, Affair With The Arts Fashion Gala, Studio Tour and Sale, and many other shows. Her collection was presented on Rogers Live TV Show.

Recently she was awarded The Best Wearable Art Designer at The Wearable Art Show.

Last year in Vegas, Elina made the Sakura blossom shawl for Celine Dion after being moved by her brilliant performance at the Colosseum, at Caesar’s Palace. She sent Celine the shawl as a token of her esteem. She’d been following the performer for years. The shawl was designed to reflect her admiration. Celine loved Elina’s gift and sent her a grateful email, a thank you card, and a signed photo. Gestures Elina found very encouraging.

Pieces from Elina’s collection have appeared in a variety of fashion magazines including: American Lifestyle Magazine, Int Elegance Magazine, Trend PriveMagazine, Huf, and Forward Fashion.  Her work has been exhibited at: One of a Kind Spring Show, Beaches Art Show, Studio Art Tour and Sale in Richmond Hill, and The Wearable Art Show

You can buy Elina’s designs at:

The Showroom 125 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1S1

Eleven Joseph 117 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1X9

Beauty Safari 3836 Main Street Jordan, Ontario

Pellini 87 Avenue Rd, Toronto

Sab Vi Boutique 2323 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Fine Art Gallery Quinn’s on Tweed 345 Victoria St, North Tweed, Ontario

Burr House Art Gallery 530 Carrville Rd, Richmond Hill

Liliths Garden On Distillery District 15 Case Good Line, #106, Toronto

Elina’s 3D Art Design Studio 31 Walmer Rd in Richmond Hill.

Follow Elina on Instagram at:


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