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Dyeing House Gallery Wearable Felt Art Award 2016

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Dyeing House Gallery Wearable Felt Art Award for 2016 goes to Laleh Javaheri for her work BIRDS 02.

BIRDS 02 is part of a series that contemplates a celebrated work of Persian literature, The Conference of the Birds by Attar of Nishapur. The poem deals with issues of unity and individualism as well as the mystery and guise of nature and uses it as metaphors of the human condition. The tension between parts and the whole are manifested in the formal conditions of these interpretations where pieces come together to form a whole. The threads are direct metaphors throughout the series hinting at a dialogue, holding the pieces in place.

Laleh Javaheri’s work attempts to explore and re-interpret the intersections of the natural world, classical works of Persian literature and the complexities and interactions between parts and wholes.

Through the exploration of textures and colours of the uncommon and unfamiliar images of the natural world, she attempts to derive colours, textures and patterns. Laleh’s exploration of these natural patterns is supplemented by interpretation of the classical literature and poetry of the Persian language, mainly the works of Attar, Rumi and Hafez. Her work attempts to identify and re interpret the concepts and themes expressed in the classical worlds of these works within the framework of contemporary form and language.

Living between Canada, Iran and the United states in the past twenty years has had a profound effect on Laleh’s work both conceptually and formally. Conceptually, impermanence and movement can be see as recurring themes and in addition to a conceptual influence, recurring relocation has resulted in a fusion of Persian themes, motifs and metaphors with a contemporary approach and structure, further deepening the impact of immigration in the formal qualities of her work.

Thank you to Dyeing House Gallery for sponsoring this felt :: feutre canada award.  The award is for a selection of Dyeing House Gallery products, valued at $250.00.

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