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DHG’s Newest Product :: Colourful Carded Bergschaf Wool

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Exciting news from DHG - they have made a wonderful addition to their already fabulous fibre selection. They now have Bergschaf wool in a multitude of colours. Fibre artists have been asking DHG about this for a while. The natural Bergschaf shades are incredibly popular.

Bergschaf wool is popular with felters for its strength and tight felt surface. It is excellent for making rugs, shoes, vessels or bags. Anything that requires sturdiness. It’s a great background fibre but it has qualities beyond this. It combines beautifully with other fibres and fabrics and makes a perfect base for machine or hand embroidery. Those artists who like to sculpt will find it has a clay-like finish and texture. The new  DHG  colours were developed to match to their merinos, silks, cashmere and fabrics. Think of the possibilities-this is a great product to play with!

The fleece of the Bergschaf are soft and the hairs shorter creating a tight dense felt. This makes it easy to give a project depth. Layered fabrics or fibres are clearly seen with this wool. It does take a little more time to full this wool but the extra effort pays off. Bergschaf produces a an excellent, tight and durable felt. Time for some experimentation!

To learn more about what is possible read Ricardo Assmann’s blog post at: DHG_ricarda-asmann-bergschaf-new-colours

You can see DHG’s full line of Bergschaf wools here:

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