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Creative Resolutions 2017 :: Caring for your creative self

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

It’s a new year, what have you got planned? Now is the perfect time to make a creative resolution. Do you dream of raising your artistic profile, setting new goals, adding a new technique to your practice or spending more time in your studio?

Maybe this year your creative resolution is about caring for your creative self.

If that’s so, here are some suggestions:

  • Keep a record of your artistic process in a sketchbook or a journal.

  • Take yourself on creative adventures once a week. Go to galleries, foreign films, adventures in new places, meet a friend to talk about art or their creative process.

  • Try new art forms and see how this changes your approach to your usual practice.

  • Invite friends to create with you. A great way to learn about your own art form is to share it with a friend. Teaching is inspiring.

The key to making good resolutions, according to Life Coach Sharon Good, is to “Be realistic about what you can do. Don’t make a huge list that will overwhelm you from day one. Perhaps choose one thing to focus on each month, each quarter, or just one major item for the entire year.”

Recently we talked to felt ::feutre canada members Deborah Dumka and Fay Hodson about their resolutions.

Deborah says, “My artistic resolutions are around activities to expand my connections to the local community felting and fibre scene. There is a very active Fibre Space one ferry ride away from my island home and I resolve to conquer the inertia and invest the time to be a participant.

As well, I know I have to take the use-it-or-lose-it adage seriously, as my fingers reshape themselves from encroaching arthritis, so I will use my hands more! I will take a pencil and sketch book in place of my camera on some excursions and I will be quicker to translate those notes to felt samples.

I am digging back into materials I’ve stashed since I was a hand spinner 30 years ago, kid mohair and many plant fibres and I can’t wait to see what will emerge in experiments over this next year!”

Fay’s 2017 creative resolution is “to learn more about colour theory – to do some reading and experimenting and use up lots of little wool bits in the process!”  (See an example of Fay’s experimentation below.)

Wishing you the very best in 2017 in all your endeavours.

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