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Christianna Ferguson :: Congratulations on acceptance to Felt: Fiber Transformed exhibition (2020)

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Christianna Ferguson’s installation, Shared Storm, Different Vessel was selected as part of Fiber Art Now magazine’s juried international exhibition, Felt: Fiber Transformed. Some of our readers may remember that her sculpture, Saint Marilyn won the The Dyeing House Gallery Award in 2018 at our last symposium in Nova Scotia.

Shared Storm, Different Vessel was created this spring at the beginning of the Covid-19 response in Canada. About the inspiration for the artwork, Christianna shared this,

“Life shifted quickly in those early weeks with many shows and workshops on the calendar cancelled, my three children suddenly home full time, all of us adjusting to our new reality. Like many in those early days, I was glued to the news. It became clear early on that the pressure of the global pandemic was revealing cracks, on the personal and greater societal level. I heard an expert one day use the analogy that we are all ‘in a shared storm, but in different vessels’. 

Something about this statement spoke so directly to our current human reality. Although Covid-19 is a threat to all humans, our abilities to ride this out are vastly different. Especially early on there were many expressing a relief in the forced ‘slow down’ of our hectic lives. There was talk of silver linings and people were embracing all the things they never seem to find time for normally. Simple joys like baking bread, cooking, and gardening. On the other end of the spectrum job loss, isolation, sickness, and death. This stark dichotomy is something I was looking to explore in this work.”


We’re sure many can relate to the sentiments shared by Christianna. 

Christianna is honoured that her piece was selected. She’s thrilled that her work will be viewed alongside artists who she admires. The selections for Felt: Fiber Transformed will be included in the Fall 2020 issue of Fiber Art Now.  

A “live” exhibition will be held at the Appalachian Center for Craft from December 11, 2010 to  February 08, 2021. This Tennessee space is well-known for promoting excellence in craft as well as fostering access to craft through education and events in community arts.

In the meantime check out Christianna's gorgeous work HERE

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