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Symposium 2018 :: SHRINE exhibition at Annapolis Basin Conference Centre

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

On Tuesday night, felt :: feutre canada’s SHRINE exhibition opened at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre to a very warm reception. Symposium goers wandered through the show pausing to admire pieces and consider the meaning behind them.

The show asks participating artists to create a portable shrine that pays homage to a belief which is intrinsic to them. This belief can be based in religion, but can also be secular; a testament to an object/theme selected by the feltmaker. This creates a conversation between the viewer and the artist that has a lovely intimacy.The range of pieces are as diverse as their primary medium, wool. This is an exhibition filled with beauty.

Christianna Ferguson's whimsical piece, Saint Marilyn is a celebration of aging gracefully. Dedicated to an older friend, who embodied a life lived to the fullest, its vibrant and bursting with colour.

Ayami Stryck’s Heart Sutra combines bamboo, calligraphy paper, ink and wool. It invites viewers into a compelling but zen-like conversation on the nature of the number three, calligraphy and Buddhism.

Carmen Laferrière’s Humbles Gestes au Quotidien uses upcycled linen and denim, yarn, mulberry paper and plaster of Paris to pay tribute to “the beauty and simplicity of the day-to-day actions such as hand-stitching and mending clothes our mothers and grandmothers used to perform.”

Liza Hageraats's piece also celebrates the women from the past. Effigy: Frida, Emily, Georgia is a vertical tribute to honour three iconic women artists of continental American created with wool, silk fibre,  machine embroidery and driftwood. It’s a dynamic and bold tribute to these groundbreaking artists.

These four pieces are just a small sampling of the SHRINE Exhibition. Common to all the pieces, no matter the process or the mediums incorporated is that they pay tribute to the personal and intimate. Looking at the work is like listening to a friend tell you about something they love.

The show closes October 6, 2018 and travels on to the Craft Council of British Colombia where the show will run October 11th-November 22nd 2018.

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