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Ellen Bakker :: Workshop during Symposium 2018

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The first thing one notices when walking into one of Ellen Bakker’s workshops is the colour. The room is filled with it: lively oranges, bright yellows, spring greens, delicious reds and purples.

The next thing one notices is how happy her students are. One of the most valuable experiences a student can have is to work with a teacher, who loves what they do and it’s certainly clear that Ellen Bakker loves to share her passion for colour and felting.

Ellen taught two workshops at felt:: feutre canada’s 2018 Symposium: Experimental Silk Painting in Combination with Felting and Experimental Silk Painting.

Both workshops focused on the exploration of colour and patterns on silk. To do this students worked with bushes, templates, stamps and other tools. They also studied the effects of letting ink flow and making it stop, as well as experimenting with transparent layers of silk and ink.

On then last day of Experimental Silk Painting in Combination with Felting students felted their silk creations with merino and silk, creating draping, shawls, wraps and throws, or fabric for a project to be continued at home. The results were breathtaking. Absolutely stunning.   Some of them looked like brightly coloured saris, others Persian woven shawls and Navajo shawls.

Ellen is renowned for her colourful and beautiful hand-painted silk fabrics and hand-painted silk felted with wool, under the label She creates featherweight silk scarves, silk fabrics for clothing and wool-silk fabrics for shawls, clothing and interior applications, such as light blankets, cushions and wall panels.

Her one-of-a-kind designs are characterised by a combination of graphical patterns, transparency and extraordinary colour schemes. Experimenting with colours, shapes, materials and techniques results in fabrics with unprecedented possibilities. The wealth of colours and shapes that surround her every day are a virtually inexhaustible source of inspiration for Ellen to create new designs.

In addition Ellen is a graphic designer, web designer, tutor and author of several books about textile arts:

  • Felting is for me:  A colourful and inspiring book in which 93 felt artists from the Netherlands and Belgium display their special skills and explain what makes felting so special for them.

  • Felt PassionThe gorgeous sequel to Felting is for Me. This time, artists living or born in German-speaking countries display their most recent, high-level works of felt art and briefly explain their passion for felt.

  • Worldwide colours of felt:  Bundles together unique and beautiful works of felt from over 40 countries to form a feast of colour and inspiration.

  • TextileArt around the world800 photographs display the most beautiful work of 160 artists from across the globe.

  • Textile is alive!A large, colourful book full of inspiring textile art and extraordinary handiwork from the Netherlands and Belgium.

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