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Symposium 2018 :: Closing Night :: Show & Tell

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The 2018 Canadian Symposium of Felt was an experience that felters will remember for a long time. Each day offered creative opportunities and the chance to learn from experts.

Participants enjoyed artist talks, a fashion show, an exhibition, 16 workshops taught by some of the best contemporary artists working in the field: Catherine O’Leary (Australia), Elina Saari (Finland), Ellen Bakker (Netherlands), Leiko Uchiyama (Ireland), Moy Mackay (Scotland), Kristy Kun and Marjolaine Arsenault(USA), and Jennifer Tsuchida (Canada).

There were workshops covering textile art and felting techniques including silk painting, nuno, surface design, plus hat bag and garment construction, and sculptural forms.

Felters learned both inside and outside the classroom. Tutors offered their expertise over shared meals, drinks, and walks. They were generous with their time. Frequently helping students late into the evening.

Participants also made important connections with new friends that shared their passion.

Plans were made to start up neighbourhood felting groups and weekend getaways.

Mary Wilton from Camrose, Alberta, one of artists included in the exhibit Shrine, said she was, “very impressed with the quality of the venue and the instructors.” She particularly enjoyed the artist talks and learning about the instructor’s work. She thought it was one of the best conferences of its kind she’d been to.

Sadly it was all over far too quickly. It seemed as if we’d just arrived and it was time to leave. Here are some images from the closing event, an informal show & tell. The work is beautiful.

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