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Anna Mathis :: Canadian Felt Symposium 2018 Bursary Winner

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Introducing Anna Mathis, the Canadian Felt Symposium 2018 Bursary Winner.

This year we received 16 applications. We were impressed by all the work. Thank you for applying.

Anna Mathis has been a practicing fibre artist for 5 years. She has a Diploma in Fine Craft: Fibre Arts from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and a Bachelor of Adult Education from the University of New Brunswick. She has been a working full time as fibre artist, with a focus on felt for two years. In that time she has been continuing to master her craft working with  Fiona Duthie (Surface Design) and Pam de Groot (Textures and Dimensions) online. Anna is passionate about making wet-felted wearable art.  She creates sculptural neckwear, vests, shawls and other felted garments. In her recent work, she has been concentrating on nuno-felting with printed fabrics and adding more sewn elements to her garments.

In the future she wants to expand her feltmaking and add more intricate works, creating unique and expressive wearable pieces for gallery shows and high end shoppers.

Her work is described as voluptuous, vivacious, vibrant and one-of-a-kind. Giving funky, confident women a voice that is captured in stand-out accessories and eye-catching wool creations.

As a full-time artist and a mother of a three-month-old baby boy, Anna has many irons in the fire. She occasionally instructs at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and teaches private lessons and workshops. She also travels to attend craft sales, runs workshops around the Maritimes, where she has been a teacher at various festivals including the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival and TWIST in Quebec.

Her work has been exhibited and sold in shops and galleries, and a selection of her products are available online.  Anna hopes the Canadian Felt Symposium will help to refine her skills as a felt artist, and grant her the opportunity to learn in person from different instructors. She feels studying their techniques both in the creation of felt and in teaching style will be exceptionally valuable to her practice.

She is very interested in the Felt Fantasy Explosions class and wants to learn how to combine needle felting with wet felting to create free standing 3D elements. She has also chosen to work with Marjolaine Arsenault who she feels demonstrates a high level of sophistication in her work. She is looking forward to learning  more about her design process.

In the future, Anna hopes to teach advanced felting workshops. She is eager to design multi-day felt programming focusing on specific techniques and wearable art. She feels that she will be much better qualified to offer these higher-level classes to the public after attending the Felt Symposium. In particular, she’s interested in learning how the instructor’s structure their workshops: paying attention to the pacing of the classes, and to the management of learners with all different experience levels and backgrounds. She also looks forward to adding what she learns into her own work, She hopes to do this through developing new products to sell at the many craft sales. She intends to use these new techniques in creating work for exhibition with the Fibre Arts Network in Fredericton.

Currently she’s working on creating a  name for herself in the felt fashion world.  She hopes one day of being an instructor at the Canadian Felt Symposium. Anna is thrilled to have an opportunity to finally meet the many felt makers whose work has been her inspiration over the years.

You can see more of Anna’s work in Spotlight on New Brunswick HERE.

And on her website here:

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